RAW Discussion Thread 26/12/11

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. First off, hope you all had a great Christmas and Boxing Day.


    Now, the more important news, RAW is tonight! Live in Chicago, Punk coming back to his home town for the first time since MITB, with the WWE title. Will Kane tell us why he's attacking Cena? Will R-Truth return tonight? With it being the final RAW before January 2nd, are we going to have a big clue to whom the superstar returning is? Should be a very good RAW in one of the best crowds in America.

    Hope many of you participate in this discussion thread tonight :emoji_slight_smile:. Should be a good one.
  2. I'm going to stay online until 4am to see Kane live :emoji_slight_smile:.
  3. Awesome. Make sure to be in this thread :emoji_wink:. Can't wait for Kane either tbh.
  4. Fifteen minutes away :emoji_slight_smile:.
  5. And I'm still awake.
    Want me to post a live streaming link?
  6. Nah not allowed mate. If people want it, they're welcome to PM you though :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Can't wait for this RAW.
  7. i hope we see all of those you have said in your discussion :emoji_grin: and Chicago is one hell of a crowd but i think Philly is the best
  8. Philly over Chicago? Absolutely no way :O. You'll be so shocked tonight lol (let's hope they're not quiet now). My bet is Punk opening the night with a mic segment. Perhaps Cena, who's going to get boo'd so badly.
  9. Cena no doubt will be boo'd and hmm i will have to recap its been a while since they where last in Chicago but MSG Philly and Chicago are defiantly up there
  10. 2 minutes :emoji_slight_smile:

    First WWE live show I'm watching ...
  11. Truth is apparently backstage so we should be seeing him
  12. WWE MITB was in Chicago, remember the crowd there? :emoji_slight_smile:

    Philly is a good crowd no doubt, Chicago and New York (Where MSG is) is known aruond the world as probably the 2 best crowds for the WWE. England is up there too.

    Woop, coming on now. First live show? Hell, you'll be pissed off at the amount of adverts.
  13. Just started :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. LOL Johnny!! Such a legend. Chicago crowd look hot already.
  15. Hahaha Get in Johhny ace i cant help but laugh
  16. Lmao Mr Excitement! Crowd booing him so hard.

    And here comes Punk :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. i thought it was another troll at first haha

    your right they have the best crowd
  18. Haha really loving Johnny here.
  19. a Gauntlet oh fuck i love gauntlets sorry punk but i cant wait haha

    okay punk beat the three guys please!!!
  20. Lmao who's he going to face then?

    Jobber #1
    Jobber #2
    And ME star as #3?