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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Trip in the Head, Nov 6, 2013.

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  1. Wow, Eva getting over on Tamina. Did not see that coming. I mean, really? Eva gets the pin on Chyna-lyte - me (:rollins:)
  2. Pretty stupid really. Also whats with the Bellas they are kind of face on RAW yet still come across as bitches sometimes? There characters are all over the place.
  3. Yeah, I could tell it was a worked angle. Trying to get Eva some actual storylines it seems. And yeah, I think its funny how when they were heels and bitches we got these backstage scenes of them being bitches, but now all we see is them in the ring occasionally and...oh yeah....they're faces now. What reason do we have to believe that crap turn? Just because we don't SEE them being bitches backstage anymore? :meh:
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  4. Due to total Divas people now know that they're attached to Cena and Bryan, arguably the top two faces in the company. They can't have their good guys dating their bad girls I suppose.
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  5. I think this is somehow related to Total Divas, so I shall stop caring.
  6. So remind me, why we're supposed to care about Eva? I mean what happened to Jojo?
  7. Thats whats stupid though the Bellas are complete bitches on Total Divas yet now its fully known they are with DB an Cena they have a pathetic face turn on RAW yet still come across quite bitchy. Fook me sort ur characters WWE.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Austin Powers gag. Groovy Baby!
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  10. It was really odd. Maybe this is the internet fan in me talking, but as a regular viewer of NXT, to see a chick just completely skip developmental and clearly show on the roster and on Total Divas that she has no business being on the main roster yet (then again, it's the Divas division) and then pin Tamina who's been wrestling for years... I can't suspend my disbelief on this one. Bullshit. If you can't believe one chick can beat the other, does it really count as a push? All it did was hurt Tamina even more, and by extension this whole pointless AJ-Tamina pairing. Is Eva Marie challenging for the belt now? Why did this happen? Can't you at least build her up a little first? At least with Kelly Kelly she had some kayfabe credibility...

    As we've all said, the Divas division is suffering from a lack of characters, even Natalya is just "the chick from the dungeon".

    What it did to was stick another nail in the coffin of this "reboot" of the division, and reminds us how all these three-minute tag matches happen. There's 2 top hats backstage (probably looking like Abe Lincoln's) with a bunch of names in them, they drew 6 out and then they went out and wrestled. Then they threw them back in the hat, drew two more, and that's how Eva pinned Tamina. But these 2 paragraphs + 1 sentence was way more effort than they put into this, so why bother?
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  11. I usually try to see the bright side and the sense in things, but I have to agree that the Divas division right now is a total clusterfuck. Between the characters they're trying to create on Total Divas (which they pimp out the wazoo), the Anti-Diva Divas Champ AJ Lee and her "unstoppable bodyguard" Tamina (who got pinned by an untalented, under-trained Eva Marie), the fact that too many of the main roster Divas just flat-out can't wrestle, and the fact that you've got a solid crew of wrestling Divas in NXT, it's like the whole division is in a state of flux. I almost want to see them reactivate the WWE Women's Championship and put it on Paige or Summer Rae or Emma down in NXT before bringing the whole crew up to the main roster to start an NXT Divas vs. WWE Divas feud to again unify the Women's and Divas Titles. At least then we'd get some storylines that had clear characters and made some kind of sense.

    The other option I could see would be to set up a Divas GM who had "absolute authority" (understand I mean only in an on-screen manner) over the Divas and nothing but the Divas. And, for that, i would suggest Trish Stratus or Mickie James (or, as I call them, the sexiest women in WWE history).

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  12. I'll ask you this, since you know more about this stuff than like all of us combined (except Seabs)

    Is there any way we can get WWE to just not call them up? That would be great. To see Paige and Emma and Sasha and the rest of the talented ladies down there go to Raw would be such a colossal waste of their time and talents.

    They're already ruining Summer, they can't have the rest! :tough:
  13. Im pissed off Eva got the win WTF she shouldnt even be on Raw she should be in NXT full time training she isnt ready for the big time
  14. Short answer: no.

    Longer answer: Do you really think they don't want to be called up? I'm willing to wager that if you offered any NXT Diva a crappy WWE gimmick, 90% of them would jump at the chance. The idea behind most of them joining WWE/NXT was to be a WWE Diva. Having said that, is my idea worse than anything that WWE (with its lack of seriousness in the Divas division) would come up with? What's really needed is the same improvement to writing for the Divas that we've seen with some other portions of the product. I guarantee that if they had better writing, there would be more interest in the Divas division.

  15. Only you could take a joke question, answer it legitimately, and make it awesome. :otunga:

    There's nothing wrong with your idea at all, hell just having the NXT Divas invade the show this week and attack either side of the Divas' division to set up a 3-on-3 tag match on the go home show would be some of the best Divas build and would be one of the most highly anticipated women's matches in a while. The idea's great, not bashing it at all! Outside of Gail Kim or ladies who would have issue with some other backstage reasons that are purely speculative, of course most womens' wrestlers would want a WWE contract. It's the most money, the biggest stage... what's not to love?

    Guess I'm a bitter old man who's just come to grips with the terrible writing, so instead of saying "things will get better" and fantasy booking my way out, I've just started expecting more of the same, which I guess was the point of the post, not to rip your idea. It's honestly kind of sad seeing someone like you take a few minutes to come up with that good idea for free while the writers get paid to write Eva Marie going over Tamina for whateverthefuck reason.

    A friend of mine who watches wrestling sparingly said he's a big TNA fan, I asked why, and the first thing he said was "hot chicks who can actually wrestle". Guess perception is still reality there. That was a big reason for why people watched in the Russo era, and the KO's almost always had one of the highest rated segments on every show while the division was still thriving. There's recent evidence that women's wrestling CAN draw, but the WWE fans have been beaten to death and told over and over that "this division means nothing, the women can't wrestle" etc. It'll take a whoollllllllllle lot to revive the division, but as you say with some rebranding, good writing, and some quality matches... maybe it's not hopeless after all.

    Think I've mentioned it before, but the two best people to rebuild the division they already have under contract. They have plenty of girls who can do a few things well, and from what I've heard Paul Heyman was the best at accentuating the positives to make sure they really help someone, like Alicia Fox's athleticism. And the person who originally booked the Knockouts was Dutch Mantel. But think I heard something about them already being part of the creative team (doubt it) so maybe they're busy.
  16. I've heard the same rumors of Dutch (that's Zeb Coulter, for you whippersnappers who don't know any better out there) and Paul working with the creative team in the last few months. I hope and pray it's true. For those of you who don't know their bonafides, Paul Heyman was one of the most creative and innovative bookers in pro wrestling history. He took a niche wrestling style ("hardcore" wrestling) and made it mainstream based off of the performance of one small company. Eventually, his company was driven out of business because that style became part of both WWE and WCW, which, along with the fact that both of those companies could offer far better paychecks than he could and they signed away most of his best talent, took away the edge that ECW had. Dutch/Zeb spent five years booking the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico, which had the number one rated television program in Puerto Rico for four of those five years. That's not the top rated wrestling show or the top rated cable show...the best rated show on the island. I'm just saying.

    As for the Divas Division, yeah, guess I got a little fired up replying to you, Rain, but I fear there's so many other areas that have gotten focus in the last few months, that I keep asking the question: "When are the Divas getting their time?". I've liked a lot of what they've done over the last few months....then Eva Marie gets the duke over Tamina for.....some reason. I'm trying real hard to look at the bright side, but the errors seem so glaring when compared to the improvements I've seen. So, I'm trying to look at the bright side.

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