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  1. You're in the role of WWE writer for the Female Wrestlers.

    Give a plan for what you would do.
    Who would you focus on?
    Title Changes?

    I'll post my thoughts later.
  2. Would fire off a lot of the model divas an bring back the likes of mickie james and gail kim! also steal eg velvet sky an any other good female wrestlers from tna scout the indy's for new talent an get a strong womens division goin again!
  3. Not a fan of Gail personally. Would bring back Mickie & Lita (if possible). Have the main event revolve around those with Beth Phoenix, Natayla and Kharma. Would take Velvet and a few prospects from the indies also. I'd also add a "divas general manager", could spice things up a bit.
  4. Create a version of the smackdown 6 with these wrestlers : Sara Del Rey, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Kelly Kelly. Also add in Kharma and Cheerleader Melissa were possible. 5 are there for the wrestling and Kelly is in there as she's a good pr person. Every feud would involve at least two of these 6 in anyway. They wouldn't be called divas but female wrestlers and they would participate in wrestling matches. Give these girls 10 minutes on a ppv and at least 8 tv minutes match time. Give them promos also to further feuds. Get rid of that ugly ass belt and get something that looks like someone would want to win.