News RAW Draws Highest Viewership Numbers Since The Summer For 'Snowed In' Special

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 27, 2015.

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  2. Lol i thought it would be the complete opposite
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  3. That makes two of us.

    It's good they had something else to show (interviews with Bryan, Brock/Reigns, Ambrose), instead of just replaying the WWE-WHC match and the Royal Rumble.
  4. Considering you can still get the replay of the Rumble event itself On Demand for money I had a feeling they weren't going to replay it, maybe highlight it but not replay it.. I'm also surprised that it hit the highest viewership since last July.
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  5. Ask GN82. She heard about all the controversy and actually willingly turned this crap on. Unheard of!
  6. Looks like they replayed the shitty parts of the Royal Rumble.
  7. Yes, they did.

    Including the shitty eliminations of DB, Iced-Z, Ziggler, Ambrose and Wyatt.

    Just splendid stuff, man.
  8. So avoid this shit is what you're telling me? Deal.
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  9. You're welcome, bro.
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  10. The entrant at #9 is all you have to see.

  11. [​IMG]

    You fucking know it.
  12. :woo:
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  13. Not going to lie, I marked my fucking dick off for the Woo Woo Doo.
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  14. Actually they showed the entire Rumble, along with the entire WWE Title match.
  15. Wait what?
    Well, I guess free PPV proramming may have helped
  16. I'm not really surprised. There was so much discussion around the Rumble.... people being pissed and others being pissed that people were pissed and a bit more mainstream news coverage.

    I'm happy that they took advantage of it and really did a good job with the interviews.
  17. A lot more people were talking about Raw than normal so I'm not surprised.
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  18. This is pure speculation but I was talking to a casual WWE fan and when I told him they were replaying the PPV from the night prior he immediately tuned in. Lesnar fans that never see him fight, got to see a televised match too. Still #cancelwwenetwork must have been all talk. Then again if the entire east coast was snowed in, maybe they all tuned in.
  19. The triple threat is why I tuned in and probably why many others did. What a match... I can't believe they actually put it on TV like that. :ambrose:
  20. Yeah. Now everyone who's missed the triple threat previously, but managed to catch it on RAW is gonna be like #DoNotCancelWWENetwork
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