Raw Draws Its Lowest Rating In Over 15 Years

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. :lol1:
  2. So it was about the same as smackdown.
  3. Expected. No biggie.
  4. Can someone find HHH v Savio Vega v The Patriot...?
  5. lowest in 15 years, no big deal.
  6. It's not. It's three hours now which naturally effects the rating, and this was a taped show on Christmas eve. No big deal.
  7. And Smackdown was that huge. So lower graded WWE product (not by us) gets the same rating, even with Foley on.

    Im disappointed, but i hope they do horrible and we get competing products, it's what we talk about at the cool table during recess.
  8. I didn't even watch this show on tv due to christmas. I Doubt it has anything to do with the product. Just had life shit to take care of ya dig?
  9. A Raw on Christmas Eve. Was to be expected. Not even WWE really put much effort into building towards the Rumble or anything meaningful as a result. The shows was centered around Santa in a hospital bed and Cena avenging his accidental injury by fighting Del Rio. Not even The Shield was on the show. Punk also cut the same promo he's been cutting for awhile now.
  10. I didn't watch it as most people. Understandable.
  11. Saw a repeat yesterday an it was pretty pants. But had it's moments for a x-mass eve show. Meh honestly tho who is arsed bout WWE on x-mass eve?
  12. I found Santa being run over pretty funny at first but every 5 second it was mentioned...
  13. The Patriot.....:eww:
  14. Yeah, taped show on Christmas eve makes sense.
  15. It landed directly on Christmas and the ratings have taken a dip since the last time Raw was on Christmas. In addition to that the show was piss poor crappy and not live. I don't even think any of the main storylines were focused on.
  16. It was expected tbh considering its Christmas eve and the show was taped.
  17. This seems to happen every other month. Lol.
  18. Christmas happens every year. This was the lowest rated show in 15 years. Clearly something is going on more than just Christmas. The product is absolute dog shit.
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  19. Absolutely this. +1

    And there's no fucking argument to deny this, this is a factual state and you can't deny Christmas happening lol. Something bad is happening, and that's the product, what else? Unfortunately.
  20. They aren't on christmas eve every year though....
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