RAW drinking game

Discussion in 'RAW' started by MRJM, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Note: I don't advocate drinking games or getting tanked ...but ever notice some repetition on Raw? Has anyone ever come up with a RAW drinking game?

    Take a drink if:
    a match is teased but the heel says, "not tonight."
    Cole says, "Vintage."
    The crowd is dead / a heel or face falls flat
    The face says the name of the town
    Lawler says something stupid / incoherent.
  2. .. Everytime they book badly :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: (cheers!) I'll probably do this tonight, especially if Orton is going cuz that makes #2 a surefire shot to drink.
  3. lol that's hilarious.

    take a shot every time
    - there's a stupid backstage segment
    - the fans are called "the WWE Universe"
    - the social media is mentioned (including the WWE App/WWE Network)
    - JBL defends a heel
  4. Christ you'll be wasted just from Cole and Vintage lol.
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  5. Deth tried it just off the Lawler one and wound up passing out halfway through! Couldn't even IMAGINE the rest of this!
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  6. Jesus I would be drunk before the intro ends
  7. Its a 3 hour show guys, pace yourselves jeez
  8. You wont get drunk with your milk :pity1:
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  9. Apparently goats milk.
  10. Hey hey hey! I stopped drinking milk 6 months ago bro.
  11. Holy shit, that's like 4 sick burns on Adam in 1 minute. Jesus christ guys!
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  12. so long, entire bottle.
    if lawler is out for the night im only looking at 4-5 drinks? :obama:
  13. Haters gonna hate
  14. Lovers gonna love
    I don't want
    None of the above
    I wanna pee on you
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  15. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh
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  16. The only thing that makes my life complete, is when i turn your face into a toilet seat.

    Chappelle's show is the GOAT, i dare anyone to deny it.
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  17. I deny it.
  18. Ooooooooof course you do
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