RAW Elimination Chamber match?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Is there any confirmed superstars for the RAW Elimination Chamber match? Which ones if yes.
  2. I don't think there is a RAW one this year is there? I might be mistaken.
  3. There is no chamber.
    EC Card:
  4. SD Chamber and no RAW Chamber? Come on...

  5. AW: RAW Elimination Chamber match?

  6. Well the SD! Chamber is not for the title....Is for being the 1 conteder
  7. What would the RAW chamber be for? I guess you could have had a WWE championship chamber match, but I think that'd suck to be honest.
  8. I'd rather have a WWE Championship chamber match than another Rock vs Punk match, and that is me being fully honest.
  9. Wait a minute, isn't The Shield vs Sheamus, Cena and Ryback going in the chamber?
  10. No one said It would be.....

    It would be awesome to do it as a "war games" format in the chamber
  11. that should have just 3 way tag match be a 3 way tag E.Chamber match for the raw chamber.
  12. Nope, that was all just speculation on either the IWC's part or the dirt sheets. Why would it have been one though? WWE's never once had the Chamber used for something that wasn't revolved around a championship, whether it's for it itself or for a shot at it. I suppose people just figured they're usually two Chamber matches and assumed this one would be, but those people would be ignoring the fact that Hell In A Cell normally had two Cell matches but only one this year.

    Anyway, I would've much preferred a Raw Chamber match for the WWE Championship rather than a Punk/Rock rematch and I still have no idea why the didn't pull the trigger. The only thing I can think of is that maybe they couldn't think of four other people who should be in there but that's a pretty poor reason. Could've been awesome. Rock would only have to wrestle for about five or so minutes (coming out last), has no reason to actually take a bump on the steel, so any safety reason is BS. They can still have the focus primarily be on Rock/Punk, all this would do is force them to have Rock at least interact with other members of the roster, the bunch that could actually benefit big time from it and it would've allowed them to progress the feud during the Raw Rock didn't appear by having four more people to pick up the load instead of just one in Punk.
  13. So is this just speculation about the card then, as that would mean Jehricho is going in the chamber if so, and Ziggler is doing nothing on the PPV at all, apart from maybe trying to cash in MITB, and to leave Ziggler out of a match seems like a waste of talent tbh
  14. I read that The Shield Vs Sheamus, Cena and Ryback won't be in the chamber because they don't want to have to eliminate 5 of their top guys.
  15. this.

    Nah, it's just an Elimination match, but I don't think a chamber is involved.
  16. Actually, it's just a regular six-man tag team match, not elimination.
  17. well, that's a waste of a good match.

    The fact that it's a regular match makes it so predictable.
    Sheamus and Ryback take Rollis and Reigns out of the ring, while Cena pins Ambrose in the ring.
    Fuck You WWE.
  18. If it makes you feel better, there is always the possibility they'll add the elimination stipulation later on in the build. Normally, I'd expand on my thoughts on both options but I'm finding it hard to find the motivation to discuss something I don't care about right now.
  19. this year's PPV is a joke i mean come on a non title chamber on Smackdown and no chamber on Raw WTF!!!!!!!
    Elimination chamber has always been one of my favorite PPV's and WWE fucking ruined it :upset:
  20. I am looking for the elimination chamber match fro wwe championship but it looks 1 on 1 between the rock and cm punk.
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