Raw expanding to 3 hours... permanently.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, May 17, 2012.

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  1. http://www.prowrestling.net/artman/publish/WWE/article10025202.shtml
    WWE.com is reporting it as well, Cena's tweeting about it.

    Wow. I'm speechless.
  2. This will be exciting to see how it goes. But July 23 is 2 months from now. The IWC has reason to watch RAW again. Oh, and RAW expanding to 3 hours, does that mean SD will go away? :tagteammatch:
  3. You have got to be kidding me? Every single RAW episode will be the length of Batman: The Dark Knight and Lord of the Rings? NOOOOOOOOOO.
  4. This better mean improving the product. If they just fill that extra hour with just promo packs I will :bury: every single one of them.
  5. If RAW is expanding then will SD/Superstars/NXT one of these close down?
  6. [video=youtube]http://youtu.be/jYj7T9eEQ4U[/video]

  7. It's most likely since NXT is not taped before RAW anymore. NXT will now be taped on Thursdays/maybe broadcast live from Full Sail university.
  8. How can I say this politely... if they want this not to be a disaster, they should work on improving the show quality during the time span from now until July 23, otherwise, it could be a disaster, mainly if they start filling the time with useless video packages and such things. They should give more time to matches, give younger stars more time to shine and things like that. :angle:
  9. Oh fuck I can't watch THAT long. I have homework and barely have enough sleep. Well as long as its in the summer. Maybe this will influence raw to get better? Hopefully we will see better content.
  10. We're obviously gonna see better content guys. If RAW doesn't give good content then it will be a disaster. No one will watch for 3 hours. This is sink or swim for WWE.
  11. Let's hope for that. :otunga:
  12. Vince: "Ratings are down, so we need something to improve them, brother! Any ideas?"

    Stephanie: "How about more Raw! That way we can get viewers at 8, 9, and 10 o'clock!"

    Vince: "That worked GREAT for Monday Nitro! WCW's never been bigger than it is now in 2012, and it's all because of the move to 3-hours!"

    *Stephanie gives Vince a cupcake*

    Noob to the Creative team: "But... we only were able to plan 1 hour worth of content last week! drag out 3 segments last week... We had Big Show crying for 15 minutes and John Cena rambling incoherently for no good
    reason just to fill 2 hours! And don't get me started on that Tripl..."

    Triple H raises his hands, and a lightning bolt falls from the sky and hits the creative noob in the balls.

    Another creative member: "That's a great idea! We can fill that time with more matches, and the actually talented wrestlers such as Hawkins, Reks, Kidd, and Mcgillicutty!"

    Stephanie: "Or, we can have an hour long Make-a-Wish video in the third hour, because that will get Cena over!"

    Sterilized noob: "But, trying to get Cena over is futile!"

    Cena walks up and AA's the noob through a table.

    Vince: "That's why I love you, Stephanie. You come up with such wonderful ideas!"
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  13. I will not watch a three hour raw when the current 2 hour version is hard to enjoy.They are probably going to fill the the third hour with more squash matches,john cena segments,and awkward celebrity moments.I hope they will use it to establish the mid card and tag division but know they won't.
  14. They should really use the 3 hour times as the first hour to have the opening segments and lowercards having decent superstars matches. Really miss those. Hope we actually see better feud build and better matches on Raw. It's wrestling not a soap opera.
  15. So happy about this more time to build feuds, more time for the divas, more mic time from CM Punk, the Rock when he returns
  16. That is simply gold. Liked.
  17. I've never laughed this hard over the internet before.
  18. It's cute that you think this is what will happen.
  19. Good thing im in America where thats 8-11. I feel bad for you UK people
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