RAW February 1st, 2016 [Live Discussion]

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, February 1, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, February 2, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Legacy Arena
    Birmingham, AL

    Raw Five-Point Preview: Feb. 1, 2016
    The Beast is back. Since The Wyatt Family utilized the no disqualification environment of the Royal Rumble Match to eliminate Brock Lesnar from the bout, The Anomaly has yet to be seen in a WWE ring. With his return imminent, the entire WWE locker room braces for impact. Who will feel the wrath of this raging behemoth? WWE.com has some ideas

    1. Beast mode
    One night after The Wyatt Family eliminated Brock Lesnar from the Royal Rumble Match — essentially robbing The Beast of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship — The Authority announced that Lesnar will battle Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in a Triple Threat Match at WWE Fastlane. The winner of that bout will then go on to WrestleMania to challenge Triple H for the grandest prize in sports-entertainment.

    See Triple H’s custom title plates

    Lesnar can’t be in a good mood in the wake of his Royal Rumble Match defeat, and will be anxious to transform Birmingham, Ala., into Suplex City. But which Superstars will suffer his wrath: Bray Wyatt and his followers, The Beast’s WWE Fastlane opponents or both? No matter who crosses his path, Lesnar is bringing the pain to Raw.

    2. Will tensions rise between Ambrose and Reigns?
    Even though they’ll be colliding in WWE Fastlane’s Triple Threat Match main event — a bout that will put both men in Brock Lesnar’s crosshairs — brothers-in-arms Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns remain adamant that their friendship will not be a factor when they battle for the opportunity to challenge Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. When that bell rings, they’ll fight tooth and nail. When the match ends, they’re confident they’ll be best buds once again.

    Watch Dean Ambrose’s exclusive WWE.com interview

    Yet, despite Ambrose and Reigns’ attitudes in the lead-up to their high-stakes brawl, one has to imagine that The Authority will be looking to somehow drive a wedge between The Lunatic Fringe and The Big Dog. Will mind games tear these brothers apart?

    3. Of rematches and revenge
    Kalisto has been quick to prove that, like John Cena before him, he’s a fighting champion, granting the high-flying Neville a United States Championship opportunity on SmackDown. Meanwhile, Alberto Del Rio seems to be biding his time, even though he’s guaranteed a rematch after losing the star-spangled prize to The King of Flight at the Royal Rumble event.

    When will The Essence of Excellence attempt to reclaim the U.S. Title? Perhaps we’ll learn more on Raw.

    4. Will Goldust and R-Truth finally partner up?
    Goldust’s recent attempts to woo R-Truth into a tag team partnership haven’t exactly been successful, with Truth continuing to get the wrong idea about The Bizarre One’s true intentions. Yet, Goldust remains undeterred, and seeks to make The Golden Truth — his self-made moniker for the would-be tandem — a reality … or a surreality, as it were.

    Will Goldust continue his well-meaning but hilariously ineffective pursuit on Raw?

    5. Like a Boss
    Sasha Banks has been on a tear since returning at the Royal Rumble event, keeping both Divas Champion Charlotte and Becky Lynch on their toes and drastically altering the landscape of the Divas Title picture.

    After The Boss attacked Charlotte and Becky at the Royal Rumble, the Divas Champion got a measure of retribution against Banks on Raw, but in the back of her mind, Charlotte has to know she’s now fighting a war on two fronts. Meanwhile, Sasha clearly sees herself as the next bearer of the Divas Title, and is prepared to do whatever it takes to claim it.

    How will Sasha Banks prove that she deserves to be next in line for Charlotte’s prize on Raw? Additionally, with Team B.A.D. nowhere in sight since The Boss’ return, what do Naomi and Tamina think of their Team B.A.D. ally’s recent actions?

    Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET, only on the award-winning WWE Network.​
  2. And while the Irony pursues, be ready for Raw 2/1/16 told by memes! Watch mugshot McMahon still not understand the concepts of the year 2016 while everyone screams at him!
  3. Hopefully would be a decent show with Styles Lesnar Ambrose and Owens
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  4. Here's to hoping, dude.
  5. I'm just thinkin of ideas... just got a good one for Goldy and Truth
  6. As per usual, I'll be in the LD for the first hour or so, and then I'm out.
  7. Borkman is gonna be on the show tonight. Hopefully he causes some havoc.

    However, Bray Wyatt (Bo and their pops IRS) won't be on the show, as they've left Birmingham to be with their grandfather, Blackjack.

    He's been hospitalized in Florida and his condition is serious enough that the family left RAW to be with him. Hope he pulls through.
  8. Hey all you people
  9. Woohoo best way to begin
  10. The show is already a 10/10
  11. Don't. Screw. It. Up. WWE.
  12. Bray ain't at the show, though
  13. Ambrose Reigns & Lesnar only pls
  14. You dead, Wyatt Family. BORK SMASH KILL :21-1:
  15. I swear to God, having Heyman talk for 3 hours would be the best RAW ever!
  16. I like when Lesnar smiles... so much said in his smile
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