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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Feb 23, 2015.

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, February 23rd, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, February 24rd, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Bridgestone Arena
    Nashville, TN

    RAW Five-Point Review:
    With WWE Fastlane in the rearview mirror, all that stands between the WWE Superstars and WrestleMania is time. The Show of Shows is beginning to take shape. Roman Reigns emerged battered but victorious from his match with Daniel Bryan, and secured his WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match opportunity with Brock Lesnar. Triple H found himself staring down the barrel of The Vigilante, Sting’s legendary baseball bat, a challenge to WrestleMania laid out.

    WWE Fastlane results | Full Raw coverage

    Those two bouts, while huge in their own right, are only just the beginning of what looks to be one of the biggest WrestleManias in history. How will the fallout from WWE Fastlane affect The Show of Shows on tonight’s edition of Raw (8/7 C on USA Network)? WWE.com has a few ideas.

    1.Will Randy Orton get his hands on Seth Rollins?
    Randy Orton shocked the WWE Universe when he returned Sunday night at WWE Fastlane. The Viper had not been seen since Seth Rollins viciously Curb Stomped him twice back in November. The seething Viper cut short a 5-on-3 beatdown of Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan by taking out J&J Security and Kane with thunderous RKOs.

    Orton had Rollins in his clutches, only for Big Show to pull Mr. Money in the Bank free. The self-proclaimed Future of WWE was last seen in a mad dash to escape Memphis’ FedExForum. If both men are in the building on Raw, will they come face-to-face?

    2.How will John Cena bounce back from his loss to Rusev?:
    John Cena looked to be on the verge of capturing the United States Championship at WWE Fastlane, after the undefeated Rusev let go of the Accolade. However, a devious distraction from Lana opened the door for The Hero of the Russian Federation to hit Cena below the belt and lock on his spinebending submission. Cena passed out in the Accolade, allowing Rusev to remain unbeaten.

    Cena looked physically and mentally beat down as WWE medical staff tended to him following the bout. The 15-time World Champion’s status is unknown at this point. With WrestleMania just weeks away, will Cena be able to get back on track and make an impact in Silicon Valley?

    3.Is Roman Reigns ready to face Brock Lesnar?:
    Roman Reigns erased all doubts at WWE Fastlane when he Speared his way to victory over Daniel Bryan. The Big Dog secured his spot in the main event of WrestleMania, where he will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

    WrestleMania preview: Lesnar vs. Reigns

    Yet even though Reigns weathered Bryan’s onslaught of hard-hitting kicks and painful submission holds, he will be facing a very different monster in five weeks at The Show of Shows. Is The Big Dog ready for the biggest test of his young career?

    4.How will Triple H’s WrestleMania showdown with Sting affect The Authority?:
    The King of Kings got his wish — and more — on Sunday. Triple H came face to face with Sting and offered to do things the easy way and let his legacy endure, or take the hard way and face the wrath of The Cerebral Assassin. The Vigilante remained silent, drawing The Game into battle.

    Watch the epic confrontation on WWE Network

    Triple H attacked Sting and drew his trademark sledgehammer out from under the ring. But when he slid back into the ring, WWE’s COO found the jet-black baseball bat that sent the feared New World Order running for the hills at his throat. The Vigilante backed Triple H into the corner, then aimed his bat at the WrestleMania sign looming over the squared circle. The Game accepted the challenge, warning Sting that this would be his funeral before trying to attack the franchise of WCW from behind. After being on the receiving end of a Scorpion Death Drop, Triple H had little choice but to accept the match.

    After being embarrassed at the hands of Sting, what kind of mood will Triple H be in on Raw tonight? How will one of the biggest showdowns in sports-entertainment history affect the WWE COO and the rest of The Authority as WrestleMania draws closer?

    5.Will The Undertaker respond to Bray Wyatt’s challenge?:
    For weeks, The Eater of Worlds has been sending strange missives to an unknown recipient. At WWE Fastlane, Bray Wyatt made his message much clearer, emerging from a casket and declaring that at WrestleMania 31, he will claim The Undertaker’s soul.

    However, The Deadman has neither been seen or heard from since Brock Lesnar broke his legendary Streak at last year’s Show of Shows. Wyatt has issued the challenge, but will The Phenom respond to it? Will The Undertaker stare into The New Face of Fear at Levi’s® Stadium on March 29?

    Don’t miss Raw this Monday night at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET, exclusively on WWE Network.​
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  2. Heyman destroying Roman on the mic, Sting/Triple H, Orton/Rollins and Wyatt/Taker is all stuff I want to see. Stardust/Goldust should have some significant storytelling tonight, and hopefully Bryan gets his WM opponent (even though it'll be a shit feud).
  3. ^ Calling it right now - Sheamus returns tonight, Brogue Kicks the fuck outta Bryan and we get Bryan/Sheamus for WM.
  4. Oh great... Sheamus vs Bryan IIII or whatever it is, but this time Bryan probably loses in 2 seconds. But seriously, I bet Sheamus will go over if he's a heel just so WWE have another heel for Reigns to fight... unless Rollins does cash in and is going to feud with Reigns until Summerslam. If they're doing Sheamus vs Bryan, I'd love for it to be a #1 contenders match, it would instantly make it much better for me.
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  5. Oh yeah, I agree. Sheamus vs Bryan being a #1 contenders match would be much better than just a good ole midcard match.
  6. Sheamus vs Bryan, a match that should've been on long ago right after WM 28.. So that would be 3 times the two have faced off at Wrestlemania since 27? interesting, I'll take it.. This time around the match should go longer than both prior combined (aka longer than 5 minutes).

    I should be here tonight, don't really have the funds to go out and have a good time tonight.
  7. Of all of the guys who have had their momentum derailed by Cena (Bray most recently comes to mind) they decide to let Rusev of all fucks look dominant against him. Fuck Rusev. I hope Cena super buries him at Mania.
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  8. I can't see the match at Mania ending cleanly in a victory for Cena as much as I would like it so at this point.. Does the 'E really want him to have the US Title when there's no one in contention that he would be able to help get over with the universe?
  9. Cena having the US title would be great for the mid card scene. This is how mid card belts should be handled. Have main event guys be involved in the picture when they aren't chasing the biggest prize. The mid card should be a mix of up and comers and veterans, not just a bunch of dudes everyone knows are destined for nothing in their career. Rusev picking up a not-that-dirty of a win over Cena in the fashion he did has the belt looking better than it has in... god knows how long.
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  10. You're right, this is how most fans want it done.. I personally would love it, both the US Title and Intercontinental need to be treated like that, I just don't know if the company itself is ready to let their top notch talents defend what in their minds, seemingly of course, is below the likes of Cena.. If booked right Cena's US Title run will be just what the mid card scene needs to kick off and get to being what it should be all along.
  11. i hope sting show up on wwe raw tonight
  12. I saw Dean Ambrose's promo on BNB last night after the show and damn it, can they properly book this shit now? I saw Shinsuke Nakamura's entrance in Wrestle Kingdom 9 and he is portrayed to be a badass, probably the 3rd best in NJPW while in WWE, BNB is jobbed out to everyone. Cena winning the US title should benefit the midcard, and Ziggler, Ambrose and BNB should be leading a new Intercontinental Championship charge. Heck, someone like Bryan eventually fighting for it wouldn't even be too far if they restore prestige to what should be the #2 title in WWE.
  13. Think Taker will pop up tonight? or perhaps they wait a week.
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    That would Be something if the undertaker would Appear tonight
  16. Lesnar/Reigns confrontation with a great Heyman promo, the announcement of the Bushwhackers HOF induction, Orton in a 3on1 handicap match against Rollins/Show/Kane with Rollins never tagging in. Sheamus returns to set up his WM feud with Daniel Bryan. Rematch of the IC title fight with no DQ. Cesaro/Kidd and Usos non title rematch. Brie Bella turns on her sister during a match to set up the Bella vs Bella feud for WM. Adam Rose vs Zach Ryder throwaway match to further their Twitter feud and set up the kickoff match for WM. PTP vs New Day. 30 minute HHH promo to open the show. Bray Wyatt promo, but no Undertaker yet, or a video response from the Undertaker. 15 minutes of Cena crying while the crowd boos.

    There are my predictions for tonight's RAW.
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  17. It's that time folks!
  18. Good evening to one and all.
  19. That's how you pop to RKO
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