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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, Jan. 27, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, Jan. 28, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    CenturyLink Center Omaha
    Omaha, NE

    Five-Point Review:

    1.Justice for all
    2.Prime Time no more
    3.Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
    4.The most dangerous game
    5.The #YESMovement begins

  2. Interested to see how they address the Punk issue tbh. They'll probably be selling his chokeslam by Kane. Hopefully, there's lots of chants for him.
  3. Am I seeing this correctly, they're actually pushing the PTP break up........:mog:
  4. No its correct. Titus is getting a push according to rumours knocking around. No legit sources yet its all speculation but thats supposedly the plan.
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  5. I think it's interesting how WWE underestimates their fans and I truly hope this crowd tonight proves them wrong.
  6. The third act with the Rhodes Brothers vs New Age Outlaws can't wait to see this Steel Cage match with the teams.I have a feeling we see Cody Rhodes do a Moonsault if not on, one of the Outlaws maybe one with both standing? As I look at the competitors in the Chamber 4 face and 2 heels woah.This is going to be great seeing the faces tear each other apart, as the heels stand back and fight when they want to.
  7. I've been so happy to hear murmurs of a Titus push, he's found his way back into my top favorite 3 from #6 :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I'm mad that PTP never won any tag titles. I would have loved to see them have a tag title reign back when they had AW. Punk probably won't be mentioned.
  9. Considering it's in Nebraska, they shouldn't have to worry about Punk chants. I don't even think they have Internet there yet
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  10. I live right next to Nebraska and whenever I cross into Nebraska, my phone stops working. Coincidence?
  11. isn`t the new type of LD`s avaiable?
  12. Yeah the Compacts or whatever.
  13. The thread is ready to go, hopefully it'll be a good show tonight.
  14. Nice its working now :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Out of RAW this week, just reminding everyone please no spoilers via status or pm or threads without tags.
  16. Randy is kicking off Raw again?
  17. You feeling lucky?
  18. [​IMG]

    Time for Monday Night Raw yeah boiiiii!!
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