RAW Februrary 17th, 2014 Live Discussion

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, Feb. 17, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, Feb. 18, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Pepsi Center
    Denver, CO​

    RAW Five-Point Preview:
    1.The final test
    2.Usos, you didn't know?
    3.Swagger's "Big" chance
    4.Not business, strictly personal
    5.Bombs away

  2. Wish today was Monday :upset:
  3. Swagger is winning the IC then, and defending against Cesaro at Mania by the looks of it.
  4. When it's not the NFL season I wish every Sunday is Monday.
  5. Swagger vs. Cesaro at 'Mania could have an amazing build.
  6. I hope this RAW is pretty good, the event info has most of the big dogs showing for it. I hope if there are any jobber matches that they don't give DZ a loss in less than a minute again.
    If they do decide to go for it, hopefully!!
    I think that would be one of the better matches to take place this year personally.
  7. Hoping for Rhodes fallout, expecting another faceoff between Wyatts and Shield, and pissing during the ADR/Batista spot.
  8. Thread is ready to go, hope this'll be a good go home show.
  9. Yep my posts aren't showing up in compact
  10. I need to fucking refresh to see my posts in compact, fuck that.
  11. I need to fucking refresh to see my posts in compact, fuck that.
  12. Thanks for the heads up
  13. Now my posts are barely working at all.
  14. Eventually in life, you realize you have to do what you do. May as well rejoin one of these suckers.
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  16. you are in NoD and Pipebomb :eww:

    whats up buddy.