Raw Five-Point Preview: Oct. 8, 2012

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  1. Raw Five-Point Preview: Oct. 8, 2012


    Tensions are mounting between WWE Champion CM Punk and … well, everybody, really, after Punk refused (again) to accept John Cena’s Hell in a Cell challenge; after Punk antagonized a WWE icon (again) by humiliating Jim Ross and (again) found himself on the receiving end of Ryback’s patented death stare. Now, on top of all this, John Cena announced Monday afternoon via Twitter that he'll be kicking off the show tonight, presumably with some harsh words for the WWE Champion.

    It’s safe to say The Second City Saint has landed himself in a bit of a quagmire when it comes to his locker-room brethren. Enemies are materializing from all sides, and whether they have their sights set on the WWE Title itself or just looking to inflict some bodily harm on Punk, the champion is being slowly backed into a corner. Wondering if he can get himself out of said corner is just one of the five things WWE.com is looking forward to on Raw this week, not to mention the continuing adventures of Team Hell No and Antonio Cesaro: Son of Zeus.

    There will definitely be plenty to tweet about for Arnold Schwarzenegger when he serves as WWE's Social Media Ambassador for Monday night's show. (MORE DETAILS)

    Here’s our Five-Point Preview.

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