Raw Five-Point Preview: September 1, 2012

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  1. Raw Five-Point Preview: September 1, 2012


    Well, that’s one way to get respect, we suppose. WWE Champion CM Punk’s desire for vindication took a brutal turn for the worst last week when, in a Steel Cage Match, Punk pummeled Jerry “The King” Lawler into unconsciousness after the WWE Hall of Famer refused to acknowledge The Second City Saint as Best in the World. It took John Cena to stop the attack, and the WWE Universe seemed hesitant to give Punk the dues he covets, though, as the champion defiantly turned his back on Cena and strolled out of the arena without another word. With Cena set to challenge Punk for the WWE Title at Night of Champions per Raw General Manager AJ Lee, how will the reignited rivalry between the two play out when Raw reconvenes this week?

    Also, anybody else really excited to see those anger collages?

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