RAW goes country next week

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. So what's your thoughts on this themed episode?

    Personally I'm okay with it if it is done right. It can be a real fun little episode.

    Bitches better use Slater though, he's made for RAW country.
  2. Mickie James return/appearance? She was at the performance center yesterday
  3. This calls for the return of Skip Sheffield.

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  4. I want to see Slater, Skip Sheffield and Jimmy Wang Yang in a Triple Threat, Last Man standing, Country Showdown!
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  5. The return of Lance Cade....Oh wait.
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  6. :sad1:
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  7. Oh, for you marks for crowd reactions this oughta be really jarring... going from the UK to Tennessee... yikes.
    Hope you enjoyed that UK Crowd last night, hold on to that.
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  8. Hope that they use Heath Slater, and the rest of Three Man Band for a country rock band or something random. It'll be interesting to see the country theme, and if I know the crowd of Tennessee then we'll have a loud crowd. Also, if you look at the crowd hard enough, you'll see George Strait running from his exes who live in Texas....maybe WWE is why he hangs his head in Tennessee.
  9. Maybe 3MB might even get a win...........Oh no sorry that was me just dreaming.
  10. Stop lying, they lost in your dreams too :otunga:
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  11. WWWYKI!
  12. sounds dreadful.
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  13. You just wait until fake Jeff Jarrett struts out and smashes a guitar over Slater's head :otunga:
  14. Vince would job out fake JJ to Slater
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  15. Vince would fire fake JJ just so he could fap to it.
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  16. When saw this commercial last night, the first thought to cross my head was, "they're out to get me! The E is watching my threads." Over on the "other" forum, I had made a thread explaining my dislike for hicks and such. Goddamn you Vinnie Mac. This is going to be dreadful
  17. Vince murders JJ look-a-likes and makes snuff films of it to fap to.
  18. The last few posts reminded me of the angle where Road Dogg was singing for Double J. Ahhh the memories :yay:
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  19. I don't mind the concept. The commentators will probably be wearing cowboy hats and perhaps some other southern getup, Santino/Khali/Hornswoggle and 3MB will do some comedy that hardly anyone will find funny except for little kids (and adults with a terrible taste in humor), Big Show will probably be wearing a cowboy hat in order to try and show some humor and good fun, etc. That'll probably be all there is to it, and everything else will be the same. Hopefully, Zeb Coulter talks about how despite being from Tennessee himself, he finds a lot of other rednecks and southern people to be embarrassing to our country, and hopefully Triple H BURIES the south by talking about how it's always his least favorite part of the country (or the world even) to come to.
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  20. That's what The Hoff's hoping for, is HHH burying the south. HICKS
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