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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 1, 2012.

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    F*** guest hosts to be honest. Miz being on a reality TV show seems pretty sick though :otunga::otunga:
  2. Who the hell is that?
  3. Some American nobody. Don't care if it's Hugh Jackmon or Shaq, legitimate stars, I do when it's nonsense like this.
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    He's from a TV show called "Psych", and he is extremely funny, and the show is just pure epic.. Probably as good as scrubs.​
  5. Nothing is as good as scrubs.
  6. I'm no Superman!
  7. I can't do this all on my own.
  8. Where's Jonah Hill?
  9. Pretty sure General Electric (USA's parent company) ordered this, to use Raw's rampant popularity to boost some of their other shows.

    And this obviously won't end well. The guest host crap was just terrible... :facepalm:
  10. Remember when guest hosts were weekly? God RAW is amazing compared with then.
  11. Bob Barker, oh my God.
  12. Unsure why they demand a guest host on RTWM season.
  13. I remember back in 07 when we had a new one every week. That was fucking terrible. Wrestling was at it's all time worst in 07 IMO.
  14. Was it 07? I thought it was 09?
  15. Yep, 09 to 10, '07 was the Umaga Cena feud, and the Taker Khali feud on SD!
  16. Roday to host again?

    He stood WWE up last time (I think it was legit transportation difficulties). So, we had Dule Hill by himself, who I can't remember really liking since The West Wing went off the air.

    Still, so far as the guest hosting thing's concerned, some of them were alright, even funny. Most of them were horrible.

    Dule Hill actually didn't do too bad, if I recall correctly.


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