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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Dec 8, 2015.

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    So what now? WWE's bad booking is finally catching up to them and they've seem to have dug themselves a hole they can't get out of. What do you guys think will happen next?

    My predictions: Same old until WrestleMania season when ratings pick-up. Also, RAW 2:15 says I just changed the channel. :pity:
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  2. Rating ain't a big deal like they used to be. 3 million people is still a fuck ton of people. They are USA channel #1 show. WWE is still making their money and they still rule the Wrestling business. Nothing gonna change.
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  3. But they want the sponsors. I doubt they want potential partners looking at the numbers and seeing that they've dwindled to almost a million people per show. I'm sure they're worried but they don't care, and it won't effect anything.
  4. 3 million people is still a lot of people though, even if viewers are down. Plus they're killing it on YouTube with the highlights and of course 1.4 million Network subscribers. I'm sure USA network would like for them to pull more viewers so they could charge more for commercial time, but its still their top show, so what are they gonna do?

    not to mention Vince has a BILLION dollars
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, the beauties of monopolizing your industry.^^^
  6. [​IMG] Am I the only one who's finally ready to love Jack Swagger
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  7. Imagine if they repackaged Ambrose so that a tlc he is just sitting in the front row the whole ppv eating popcorn like Raven at WCW [​IMG]
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  8. Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.26.56 AM.png
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    I sort of disagree. I think that Vince does care quiet a bit about the ratings. But you have to know the kind of guy Vince is. You cannot tell him anything. He believes he has a inherent predisposition as a third generation promoter that allows him to understand wrestling better than anyone else despite the fact that he never met his father before he was 12... that he considers himself a third generation promoter while insisting that he is in a different business than his grandfather and father were in... that TNA is not competition but that his contracts have no compete clauses that don't allow fired employees to work for TNA for a period of time...

    The man is a walking delusion. It took the prospect of utter destruction to convince him to finally change when the Attitude Era was ushered in. He carried on for years doing poorly because he honestly believed he would be able to best WCW with his Billionaire Ted skits rather than improving his product. He still thinks that he knows what is best and he is likely befuddled that his ideas do not translate into better ratings. But Vince is not the kind of man who is going to listen to his fans and change until he absolutely has to. Instead, he believes he can just keep pounding out the product that he wants and fans are eventually going to have to begin enjoying it because... he's Vincent Kennedy McMahon DAMMNIT and he knows what is best for wrestling....uh, I mean sports entertainment...

    Edit: To prove my point...take the Billionaire Ted skits themselves... the first one was completely about telling fans that WWF's product as better than WCW's and that is why fans should watch WWF. That Hogan and Savage were old so watch HBK and Hart... rather than improve his product his entire approach was to simply tell fans that his product was better... that's not someone you are going to get to listen to you very easily.
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  10. Jacob you need the one an only to Rosey up your life
  11. Things ain't changing anytime soon, people... As long as RAW remains the USA Network's most watched TV show.

    I hope I'm wrong, though.
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  12. That's the problem! You're too sexy to be wrong! So you're automatically right and Raw won't change!
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  13. Step one- give hurricane the Usa and IC
    Step two- give Stacy keibler the divas title and a love storyline with...
    step three- Rosey as the WWE heavyweight
    step 4- meh maybe give roman the cruiserweight because he looks like a little bitch next to the one and only
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  14. I'd like to introduce you to this thing we call sex... you should try it... it will really improve your outlook on life.
  15. I think this is the start of something
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  16. I am ruthless i was taught by the s.h.i.t mr Jacob fox
  17. ruthless

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  18. And Jacob "Rainmaker" Fox was taught by me... Since, ya know, we're married. :zayn:
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  19. Ratings are overrated (see what I did there?) and one of the least important metrics of popularity. Even during the period in the mid-90's when WWF was losing money, they still had great ratings and were setting record numbers for a Cable show. That should really put things into perspective. Most people who watch on television are never even gonna spend money on the product in any way, shape, or form either, so that's something else that should be taken into account. People are also ditching their cable subscription bills left and right, so ratings are eventually bound to go down regardless. Even a massively popular show like The Walking Dead experienced a slight ratings hit this year.

    I still think it stings Vince a little because regardless of three million people still being an awful lot of people, it's still only 1/4 of what his television audience was not even a whole year ago. But I seriously doubt there's any legitimate panic in Stamford right now.
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