RAW house show results from Tallahassee

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 7, 2013.

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  2. RILEY :yay:

    Oh man, I hope he appears on RAW soon.
  3. I don't think Riley being there means anything.
  4. SAY IT TO HIS FACE! :bury:
  5. Riley to win WWE title tonight.
  6. I would cry and make a youtube video out of joy.
  7. Sure, get him a plane ticket and a taxi ride to my place so I can tell that jobber he's going nowhere.
  8. Cena's fault, not his..

    Come on, Leo.. Even you have to admit the dude's talented.
  9. I know he's being held back, just wanted to make fun of you a bit. But him being in a house show doesn't really mean anything anyway, he's always on house shows.
  10. Riley got his shot and fucked up by being a botch machine, good on the mic but he couldn't work a match at the time so I doubt they'll invest in him much again.
  11. Lol. Botch machine? That one time against Swagger?

    That's way back already. After that he was in great shape and had good matches at Superstars. Biggest pop of the night and a bigger pop than Cena gets on RAW.

    Just because of the backstage heat, he got depushed.

    Just see, brother.. If he'll get a chance, he will do good.
  12. IIRC he just got back from an injury..

    That's why I reacted with joy.
  13. Re: RE: RAW house show results from Tallahassee

    Lol did you watch his match with Miz or his rumble fuck up? He's on Superstars because they won't invest in him because they did and he burned their fingers nothing to do with backstage heat or anything similar...
  14. Multiple reports have stated he has heat with Cena actually. When Riley was asked about it, he didn't even say no, he just said he refused to answer the question or something.

    Riley has botched in the past, but if that was a reason for WWE not investing in him then we wouldn't be seeing Sin Cara.
  15. +1
  16. Re: RE: RAW house show results from Tallahassee

    Cara has the huge Mexican fan base, multiple reports say alot of things do we believe those too (screams lol dirt sheets bs wait my favourite isn't being pushed get the cavalry imo) him not being ready for the big time when he was pushed is a lot more likely than this apparent heat.
  17. Re: RE: RAW house show results from Tallahassee

    Mistico is a huuuuuuge Mexican star (he outdrew Cena in 07 for gods sake)
  18. Ultimo Dragon was a huge star before WWE as well, not much happened with him. Cara has gotten way more leeway considering Dragon is a much better wrestler IMO.
  19. Re: RE: RAW house show results from Tallahassee

    Dragon never drew like Cara, he wasn't just a draw he was the face of Lucha plus Ultimo made his name mainly in Japan, a market the E never will be likely to penetrate. Plus when Dragon was there they didn't target the Mexican demographic (that only really became a focus when Eddie became a top guy, hence why they rarely pushed Lucha stars before him. )
  20. I only know what he's done in WWE and it's been pretty underwhelming. You can like him all you want, but only he can change my opinion by stepping up his in ring work now. A few people here discred DB because his marks cite what he did before when describing how good he is. So IMO his stuff in the Fed hasn't been good at all despite what he may have done in Mexico.
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