RAW in Chicago.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Let's predict who's going to get what reaction and what might happen on the show.

    Kane, Punk & DB are going to get huge reactions. Cena going to get boo'd, Zack Ryder going to get massive pops.

    I predict Kane destroying Cena again, Punk in a match with ADR, dunno about DB and Zack Ryder perhaps against Truth?
  2. Kane attacks Cena.
    Punk v Miz
    Bryan v Truth
    Ziggler vs Ryder for US championship maybe?
  3. Why would Miz & Truth team?
  4. Shit, forgot about that, rofl.

    Punk v Miz
    Bryan v Truth
  5. Wouldn't mind Punk v Miz as long as both get mic time. Love their exchanges.
  6. Punk is gonna get huge pops of course I'm also expecting Miz to get pops like he did at MITB. Cena will be booed not as bad as last time but still pretty bad.
  7. Can't actually remember Miz's pops at MITB, might YouTube it.
  8. He got a pretty big one when he came back out limping mid match if i remember rightly.
  9. Damn not on YouTube, but yeah I sort of remember it. Didn't he get injured, then come back after? Either way, good lad :emoji_wink:.

    Can't wait for RAW though, perfect way to end boxing day (well, it's at 2am which is day after boxing day but shh).
  10. Yeah he did seem to knacker his knee tbf. It's still boxing day just an extended version.
  11. Haha cheating the system there seabs. Love it.
  12. Of course :emoji_wink:. Here is the Miz pop at about 6:20 btw. It was pretty good imo.

  13. Oh wow, definitely. Chicago really do eat up the heels.