RAW January 11th, 2016 [Live Discussion]

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 9, 2016.

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, January 11, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom:
    Tuesday Morning, January 12, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Smoothie King Center
    New Orleans, LA

    Raw Five-Point Preview: Jan. 11, 2016
    He’s coming. Less than two weeks before the 2016 Royal Rumble event, Brock Lesnar is re-emerging on Raw in New Orleans — the same city The Beast Incarnate made history by ending The Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania Streak. What awaits as The Anomaly’s shadow looms over Monday’s Raw? WWE.com has some theories.

    1. The Beast is back!
    Brock Lesnar never returns unless he means business, and as the WWE Universe prepares to begin The Road to WrestleMania, it’s clear that something — or someone — draws The Beast Incarnate to Raw this Monday.

    Perhaps there is symbolic importance to Lesnar’s appearance in New Orleans, the very city in which he conquered The Undertaker’s iconic Streak at WrestleMania 30. Or perhaps Lesnar’s return is tied directly to Mr. McMahon’s bombshell announcement last week that Roman Reigns will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against 29 other Superstars in the 2016 Royal Rumble Match. Might Lesnar have sports-entertainment’s grandest prize in his crosshairs?

    Regardless, whatever Lesnar does on this week’s Raw will be something no one wants to miss.

    2. The fight of Reigns’ life
    Roman Reigns goes into every battle with a singular mindset: “One Versus All.” That credo resonates even more than usual as The Big Dog prepares for the 2016 Royal Rumble Match, where he’ll defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against 29 other Superstars.

    As the bearer of WWE’s crown jewel, Reigns already had a target on his back, but now nearly every Superstar on the roster will be looking to weaken Reigns, either during the Royal Rumble Match or in the two weeks leading up to it. How will Reigns navigate his most perilous challenge yet?

    3. Is a U.S. Title Match in Kalisto’s future?
    Thursday night on SmackDown, John Cena introduced Kalisto as U.S. Champion Alberto Del Rio’s opponent, and after The Essence of Excellence refused to put his title on the line, The Lucha Dragon scored an upset victory over the boastful League of Nations member.

    Following Kalisto’s non-title win over Del Rio — perhaps the biggest accomplishment in his career thus far — is the masked marvel in line for a U.S. Title opportunity?

    4. The carnage continues
    Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens held nothing back in SmackDown’s monumental first main event on its new permanent home, USA Network, where the bitter rivals brawled to a no-contest and continued to pummel each other around the arena until the show went off the air. It was a wince-inducing crash through tables that ultimately ended the mayhem, but something tells us this battle will continue on Raw.

    5. Will Becky get payback against the Flairs?
    After suffering a brutal beatdown from Charlotte on Raw, Becky Lynch faced her former friend in a Divas Championship Match on SmackDown. Were it not for the meddling of Charlotte’s father, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, The Lass Kicker would be holding the butterfly-emblazoned title right now.

    The Nature Boy’s interference on Thursday night clearly infuriated Becky, who will no doubt continue her pursuit of both retribution and the Divas Championship on Raw. Will we see a new, more aggressive side of The Lass Kicker?

    Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET, only on the award-winning WWE Network.​
  2. Get ready for the Borkman this Monday night on RAW!

    Hope Bork gets to finally wrestle on the show, or wreck some people, nevertheless!

    I hope they will mention Cena's injury tomorrow night, WWE has been doing a surprisingly good job and keeping Cena unmentioned, Kalisto looks to be a good replacement for Del Rio's feud but they gotta keep the US title prestigious. I expect the announcement where Roman Reigns will be entry number 1 on this show. Not much is really gonna be expected from this show besides this and the Ambrose/Owens feud. I also see a ton of Jobber filler segments in this show about them becoming WWE champion when it's obvious they don't stand a chance.
  4. Hopefully Aj styles makes his debut and jobs to the Big Show
  5. That'd be a good way to get The Phenomenal one:buried:
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  6. I'm gonna meme up the show with random pics, using the mug shot alone gets old, I love it how Monday's are easier than weekends for me lol
  7. Hope would be decent... and without league of jobbers... social clowns stardust titus oneil ecc.
  8. You just listed the things that WILL be seen on TV tonight. :quimby:
  9. My predictions told by memes:
    CM Shaddix presents RAW (open)

    Nuff said
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  10. Hello? Ello? ello? llo? lo?
  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh LD threaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!
  12. I was thinking if no one showed up maybe it would mean RAW would be awesome
  13. Hey, where's my sexy husband? sigh
  14. i woud do the same what roman did
  15. hopefully they kick it off with :heyman2:and :21-1:
  16. i know armstrong dad
  17. Social Outcasts t-shirt is so sick
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