RAW: July 17th, 2017 [Live Discussion]

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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, July 17, at 8/7c on the USA Network
United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, July 18, at 1AM on Sky Sports 5 HD

Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, TN

WWE Raw preview, July 17, 2017: Reigns battles Joe for the right to challenge The Beast at SummerSlam

Roman Reigns will clash with Samoa Joe live on Raw, with the winner going on to challenge Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Can The Big Dog earn his first singles victory over The Samoan Submission Machine and Superman Punch his ticket to a title opportunity at The Biggest Party of the Summer? Also on Raw, General Manager Kurt Angle comes clean about a career-threatening predicament.

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s SummerSlam challenger to be determined

Roman Reigns announced weeks ago that he’s going to battle for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam, but he’ll have to get through Samoa Joe to do so. As Raw rolls through Nashville, Tenn., The Big Dog collides with The Samoan Submission Machine, one of the rare Superstars Reigns has yet to defeat in singles combat.

With a Universal Championship opportunity on the line, Reigns vs. Joe will undoubtedly turn up the volume in this Music City melee.

Kurt Angle to expose controversy to the world

For the past several weeks, Corey Graves and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle have been secretly discussing some sensitive information that could not only threaten The Olympic Hero’s career, but might just tear his family apart. On Raw, Angle will reveal the details to the world.

The Raw GM will make the revelation alongside a loved one, whose identity has yet to be disclosed. Who is Angle bringing to Raw, and what will they have to say? No matter what, the WWE Hall of Famer’s life and career are about to change forever.

Additionally, WWE.com has learned that following Raw, Angle is scheduled to give a live interview exclusively on WWE Network. Will it be to elaborate on whatever announcement he has in store?

Dean Ambrose to kick off Raw

One week after Dean Ambrose helped Seth Rollins turn back a 3-on-1 attack by The Miz and his Miztourage, The Lunatic Fringe will open Raw, live in Nashville, Tenn.

Despite having mutual nemeses in The A-Lister and his “co-stars,” a distrustful Ambrose made it clear to The Kingslayer last Monday night that they’re far from friends and that he hasn’t forgotten or forgiven Rollins for what he did to dismantle The Shield back in 2014. What will Ambrose get off his chest when Raw goes live at 8/7 C on USA Network, and how will Rollins — and The Miz — respond?

The Hardy Boyz gain new enemies

Seeking to make names for themselves on Raw, the returning Revival attacked The Hardy Boyz immediately after the brothers’ defeat at the hands of Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson this past Monday night. Matt & Jeff have refused to “fade away” and become “obsolete” after failing to recapture the Raw Tag Team Titles at WWE Great Balls of Fire and have said they’ll scratch and claw their way back to those championships no matter who gets in their way.

Have Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson made a mistake in provoking The Hardys? We’ll find out soon enough.

Will Bayley continue to gain momentum?

One week after Nia Jax rendered Bayley unable to compete when The Huggable One teamed with Sasha Banks against the juggernaut and Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Bayley pinned the self-proclaimed “Goddess of WWE” in an intense rematch this past Monday night. Based on that victory, it seems Bayley is back in the fight.

Is the beloved Superstar inching toward a championship opportunity after pinning the titleholder?

Big Cass has a big problem with Big Show

After defeating Enzo Amore at WWE Great Balls of Fire, Big Cass gloated about dismantling his former friend, and Big Show was more than happy to look his fellow 7-footer eye-to-eye and take the titanic traitor down a peg.

Following a colossal brawl, The World’s Largest Athlete told WWE.com that Cass “is on the wrong path” and that he “might have bit off more than he can chew.” What will happen if these two goliaths cross paths Monday night?

Don’t miss any of the action on Monday Night Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network.​

Grievous 3D

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You just know the fact that [HASHTAG]#IgnoreReigns[/HASHTAG] hasn't defeated Samoa Joe is just
eating Vince alive inside...so what's the bet [HASHTAG]#IgnoreReigns[/HASHTAG] goes over clean.

Or...BRAUN!!! returns and ruins the finish and then Angle...or someone
else...makes a Four way Match for the Universal title at Summerslam.

Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman vs. [HASHTAG]#ignorereigns[/HASHTAG]
as the main event for Summerslam.

I'm calling it now folks...remember this post!

C.M. Shaddix

The Architect
-Dixie Carter debuts, welcome to WWE's version of the Claire Lynch angle folks!
-Braun Strowman interferes with main event, still a heel :/
-Ambrose and Rollins goes against The Miz entourage... with hopefully Heath Slater joining them

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