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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, July 18, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, July 19, at 1AM on Sky Sports 5 HD

    Dunkin Donuts Center
    Providence, RI

    Raw preview:
    Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins battle for the WWE Championship on the eve of the WWE Draft

    Dean Ambrose defends the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins on a potentially historic Raw just 24 hours before SmackDown Live and the WWE Brand Extension Draft change the landscape of WWE forever. Plus, Raw and SmackDown Commissioners Stephanie McMahon and SmackDown Live Shane McMahon announce who will be their respective brand’s General Managers and much more.

    Will a new WWE Champion be crowned on Raw?
    Following an extremely intense encounter last Monday on Raw, WWE Champion Dean Ambrose showed himself to be a true fighting champion by offering to defend his title against Seth Rollins at any point. The Architect chose this Monday night on Raw as the time and place to challenge for WWE’s most coveted prize, presenting some very interesting scenarios.

    With their WWE Battleground Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship – including their fellow former Shield member Roman Reigns—just days away, could Rollins walk into the highly anticipated pay-per-view as the new champion? Will these former allies-turned-bitter enemies tear each other to pieces before they even get to wage war Sunday, July 24, at WWE Battleground? Plus, with the WWE Brand Extension Draft going down for theTuesday night premiere of SmackDown Live, will this potentially be one of the final showdowns between these heated rivals?

    Expect Ambrose and Rollins to stop at nothing in order to walk away with the WWE Championship this Monday at 8/7 C on USA Network.

    Who will be the General Managers of Raw and SmackDown Live?
    Last week on Raw, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon named Shane McMahon as the new Commissioner of SmackDown Live and Stephanie McMahon the new Commissioner of Raw. Furthermore, he ordered them both to hire new General Managers in charge of day-to-day business for their respective shows. Those GMs will be revealed this Monday, on the eve of the WWE Draft which will take place during the explosive premiere of SmackDown Live Tuesday night at 8/7 C on USA Network.

    WWE Network presents WWE Draft Center Live

    But who will it be? Could the new GMs be past General Managers, such as Vickie Guerrero (Excuse Me!), John Laurinaitis (People Power!), Teddy Long (Holla Holla!) or Booker T (Can you dig it … Sucker!)? Could they be current WWE Superstars? What about alumni? WWE Hall of Famers? Certainly, there are a slew of past and present competitors capable of capturing the respect of both the locker room and the WWE Universe while helping to bring their brand to a new level of prominence.

    Who will help Sasha Banks against Charlotte & Dana Brooke at WWE Battleground?
    After a brutal post-match assault on Sasha Banks on SmackDown, WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte informed her adversary that she and Dana Brooke signed a contract to take on The Boss and a partner of her choosing at WWE Battleground.

    That last part may be harder than it seems. Despite the fact The Boss is such an intense competitor (for perhaps because of it), she doesn’t have a lot of allies. Can she secure a partner, or will she be forced to face the titleholder and her powerful protégé all by lonesome?

    Wyatts to New Day: Come out, come out wherever you are
    Last week, Raw stood witness to one of the strangest brawls ever when WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day journeyed into the Wyatt Family Compound to go head-on with Bray Wyatt and his followers. However, when The New Face of Fear revealed an entire horde of sheep-masked Family members, Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods were forced to retreat.

    So, what now? Has the horrific outing destroyed the trio’s Power of Positivity heading into the final Raw before they face the First Family of Fear at WWE Battleground? Or has it strengthened their resolve? Plus, with Tuesday’s WWE Draft threatening to fracture both groups when SmackDown Live premieres this Tuesday, is the most unpredictable element of their current situation yet to reveal itself?

    Will The Bulgarian Brute crush a Broski?
    Last Thursday on SmackDown, United States Champion Rusev lost to Dolph Ziggler, with an assist from his No. 1 contender at WWE Battleground, Zack Ryder. Afterward, the titleholder threw an absolute tantrum, completely dismantling the announce table. Is Ryder destined to suffer a fate not unlike those poor, helpless monitors on the final Raw before his United States Title opportunity? Considering the Bulgarian Brute’s track record when he’s angry, perhaps Long Island Iced Z should take Monday night off.

    Don’t miss the final episode of Raw before the landscape of WWE changes forever, Monday night at 8/7 C on USA Network.​
  2. We getting the first ever Smackdown live discussion on the 19th.... so exciting
  3. If WWE wants to get a good rating for thier final show before the second coming of the brand split, then Rollins must win the belt, let's face it, Dean was only brought in like this so we have an on air feud during Roman's suspension, this doesn't affect Battleground at all and Rollins is gonna wind up carrying the company anyway.
  4. that will totally happen WUK. Totally...
  5. I doubt that match is going to have a clean ending. Expect a screwy finish, m8. Hell, maybe even a Reigns return.
  6. So stoked for the final Raw before EVERYTHING CHANGES!
  7. Where everybody at
  8. [​IMG]

    OK guy so during the pre show cory and booker t picked there draft picks sorry if the volume button it there but my dumb phone hates me

    So corey picked
    Seth Rollens
    The Club
    The japaman in nxt

    And booker t picked
    Randy ordon
    Sarza banks
    The usos
    The undertaker

    So who would you pick
  9. They actually mentioned that
  10. Literally what the hell
  11. Just when you thought that CM Punk's name would never be heard in WWE again
  12. hopefully Stone Cold is Raws GM
  13. Whatchu mean? Whatd i miss lol
  14. Booker mentioned CM Punk on the Raw Pre Show
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