RAW July 21st, 2014 live discussion

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jul 21, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, July 21st, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, July 22nd, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    AmericanAirlines Arena
    Miami, FL

    RAW Five-Point Review:
    Less than 24 hours after all of the bombastic action of WWE Battleground, John Cena is still your WWE World Heavyweight Champion. With special guest star Flo Rida joining in the festivities tonight on Raw, what else can the WWE Universe look forward to? WWE.com has some ideas about how Monday’s most exciting show is preparing to heat up Miami.

    1.New extremes for Ambrose and Rollins?:
    Seth Rollins didn’t earn his victory over Dean Ambrose at WWE Battleground —The Lunatic Fringe was ejected from the building after ambushing Mr. Money in the Bank backstage— but he did earn his fair share of scrapes and bruises courtesy of his former “brother.” After Rollins was declared the victor via forfeit last night, Ambrose not only attacked his one-time ally to incite another pull-apart brawl, but launched a third strike from the trunk of Rollins’ own car!

    View photos from this chaotic confrontation

    Having failed to defeat Mr. Money in the Bank in an official WWE bout, Ambrose will no doubt be hungry for retribution against his Authority-aligned nemesis tonight in Miami.

    2.The Intercontinental title goes 'Hollywood':
    Does this mean we have to be subjected to another obnoxious “letter” from this preening egotist? Regardless of how the WWE Universe feels about The Miz these days, The Awesome One has captured the Intercontinental Championship for an impressive third time, outlasting (and arguably outsmarting) some of WWE’s most elite Superstars in a massive Battle Royal at WWE Battleground.

    View photos from the Battle Royal | Dolph Ziggler sounds off

    Given his tendency to boast since returning from the set of “The Marine 4: Moving Target,” one can only imagine how The Miz will commemorate his third Intercontinental Title reign. However, as the self-professed “A-Lister” ponders how to best pamper his “moneymaker” for his next close-up, he’d be wise to consider which Superstars will be eyeing his championship this week on Raw.

    3.Y2J: Buzzard beater:
    Despite his incredible accomplishments as one of the most prolific competitors in sports-entertainment history, Chris Jericho might have faced his most unusual challenge last night when he battled the ruthless Bray Wyatt at WWE Battleground. Following weeks of mind games that made even the charismatic Fozzy frontman uneasy, Y2J’s experience enabled him to prevail when he silenced “The Man of 1,000 Truths” with an incredible Codebreaker.

    Check out exclusive photos from the match

    Now that Jericho has defeated Wyatt — much to the delight of legions of Jerichoholics — how will The Eater of Worlds seek to spread his macabre message? Is Wyatt done preying on “the best in the world at what he does”?

    4.Red, white and bruised
    Resembling some bizarre, alternate ending to “Rocky IV,” the United States’ star-spangled hero, Jack Swagger, fell to “The Hero of the Russian Federation,” Rusev, at WWE Battleground, giving The Bulgarian Brute his most difficult battle before Swagger was counted out. After the match, Rusev continued to assert his dominance over his American foe when he locked an unconscious Swagger in the Accolade.

    View photos of the international action

    Even though Rusev’s victory over The Real American gave Lana some new fodder to proclaim Russia’s superiority over the United States, the American flag’s colors don’t run — and neither do Swagger and Zeb Colter. Will the patriots unleash their counter-attack on Raw?

    5.The Champ's still here:
    If you witnessed the conclusion of Raw, you would have assumed that there’d be no way John Cena would be able to leave WWE Battleground with the WWE World Heavyweight Title. However, The Champ has made a career of defying expectations and beating the odds, so why stop now?

    Despite The Authority’s plans to pry the championship from Cena’s grasp in last night’s Fatal 4-Way Match, Cena defeated Roman Reigns and two Authority-aligned Superstars, Randy Orton and Kane. When Cena sealed a victory by using an Attitude Adjustment to send The Viper crashing onto The Devil’s Favorite Demon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had to be squirming in their seats wherever they were.

    View photos of WWE Battleground’s Fatal 4-Way Match | Reigns comments

    With the Cenation leader still in possession of sports-entertainment’s most prestigious prize, how will The Authority respond on Raw? Also, what’s next for Reigns, who came closer than ever to winning his first World Championship in WWE?

    Don’t miss Raw this Monday at 8/7 CT on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to WWE Network forRaw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET and Backstage Pass immediately following the show!​
  2. They'd have to put together the best RAW in a decade to make up for last night's show. I'm not looking forward to tonight, even with Lesnar returning I can't see it being all that great.
  3. Safe to say I won't be watching live. I stayed up last night and I won't stay up two nights running for garbage.

    And also @Shadow that Ambrose sig is incredible.
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  4. I really think the Ascension may move up soon/tonight. On the Battlground post show last night the Uso's made the challenge to "any team in the WWE" to try and take their belts. Sounds like a familiar challenge that took place in NXT to me. It would fit IMO.
  5. I really hope they do move up soon. I've been waiting for ages for them to move to the main roster. Hopefully they can be the ones to do it successfully.
  6. The first thing you expect (and what I know) Is this is the start the build of Cena vs. Lesnar for the title at Summerslam, Triple H's plan C, anything else really I don't care, a Miz promo and the start to his first feud over the IC title, Jericho and Usos vs. The Wyatts tonight probably... that's all I really can think of
  7. I'll watch (skipping Cena obv), but I'm not excited for it. Wyatt jobbed to Y2J of all people, and now I'm mad at the story that had me involved the most. I expect to see more of Dean coming out of nowhere to attack Seth like we haven't seen that yet, Cesaro's nobody, and we're setting up a match where either Cena wins lol or a part timer is champ (although if he laid down for Rollins a show or a month later it wouldn't suck). Besides Brock I'm only looking forward to AJ/Paige here and I have to admit that a part of that is because they normally don't wear a lot of clothes.
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  8. I wonder if they will give Slater a filler match vs Cesaro after the events that took place in last night's BR.
  9. How in the fuck did Jericho beat Bray, and why in fucks name did they have that IC win. Better yet ffs, no ambrose rollins?

    WWE is doing their best to make the 9.99 monthly fee seem like too much. I wont be here for this dogshit.
  10. Love when you get alerts on your phone saying a certain someone will be on Raw. Spoiler alert you assholes.

    Anyway, the amount of rage about this show on here could make several elderly people keel over... so I'll be in the back with Lockard and Leo C just laughing about it, and will probably wind up watching in the morning for tbe AJ/Paige fallout

    "hahahahaha remember Maven and the Undertaker from 2002? They're doing the same thing with Slater and Cesaro :dawg:"
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  11. Wait a minute... :hmm: Slater's arch nemesis Flo Rida is on Raw...

    Time for some one-man payback, baybay!
  12. Jericho for you

    Inconsisetmt in the ring, and overrated on the mic
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  13. You have to be out of your fucking mind to say that. You're an Orton mark taking shots at Y2J, are you fucking kidding?
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  14. Just thinking of The Miz/Sheamus feud with the titles has me not wanting to watch it.
  15. Don't care who's involved, as long as they are unified.
  16. So would you rather Miz or Shaemus unify them? I say Shaemus - the lesser of two shittles.........
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  17. I'd rather have both of them relegted to Superstars.
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  18. gets overrated on the net

    did he put cash in the til like orton? guess what? no

    does he put wrestlers over as well as orton? guess what? no
  19. Storyline wise didn't Jericho propose the MITB to begin with, so if that event brings in money annually then in kayfabe I'd have to say he puts cash in the company's pockets BETTER than Orton. PLus his merch sells pretty well last I checked (a few years back).

    As for putting wrestlers over; he did a decent job for Fandango, however the injury Fandango had a bit later on ruined his push.. as for Orton I don't recall him doing a very good job at putting over anyone tbh.
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  20. No who needs to put over a big pile of dogshit Triple H used his sledgehammer to pick up?

    Orton is fucking dogshit you idiot, y2j is the FIRST undisputed champ ever. WWE might not use it but Orton was #2 to Y2J's #1. Fuck you are stupid.

    Why is he even allowed to post? He is dark gray in usertitle. why go halfway when you can please everyone in the short term? I mean @Niggaswag isnt here and he isn't half the shit user TGM is.
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