RAW June 13th, 2016 [Live Discussion]

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 11, 2016.

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, June 13, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, June 14, at 1AM on SkySportsHD5

    Smoothie King Center
    New Orleans, LA

    Raw preview, June 13, 2016: Former Shield 'brothers' convene on 'The Ambrose Asylum'

    Less than one week before they battle for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will appear on a must-see edition of Dean Ambrose's chaotic talk show, "The Ambrose Asylum." What can the WWE Universe expect when all three former Shield members assemble in the ring at the same time? WWE.com has some ideas.

    1. Will a Shield reunion prove disastrous?

    Dean Ambrose seems to thrive in unpredictable scenarios, which is probably why the return of his talk show, “The Ambrose Asylum,” will bring together all three former members of The Shield when WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins appear as his guests.

    The WWE Universe will no doubt delight in the fact that The Hounds of Justice will be assembled in the ring at the same time, but we somehow doubt the get-together is going to be anything but tense. Can The Lunatic Fringe keep the peace when “The Guy” and “The Man” come face-to-face six nights before their WWE World Heavyweight Title Match at WWE Money in the Bank? Will Ambrose join in on the mayhem if a brawl breaks out? After all, he never passes on an opportunity to deconstruct The Architect.

    2. Is The Prizefighter about to claim one of WWE’s greatest prizes?
    It’ll be every man for himself in this year’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and perhaps no Superstar is better suited for the callous nature of this contest than Kevin Owens. On SmackDown, The Prizefighter turned against his own tag team partner, Alberto Del Rio, and still managed to pick up a victory over Cesaro & Sami Zayn. This wasn’t exactly the most surprising betrayal Owens has ever pulled off, but it did prove to three of his opponents — and likely Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho, who battled later that night — that he doesn’t need allies to walk away from WWE Money in the Bank with a guaranteed WWE World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at the time and place of his choosing. Will Owens keep that momentum going on Raw, six nights before what is already being hailed as the greatest Money in the Bank pay-per-view in history?

    3. Might tag team chaos erupt once again on Raw?
    The tag team division continues to heat up as WWE Money in the Bank approaches and, thanks to a suggestion from Teddy Long, the event will play host to a Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Live in Las Vegas, The New Day will defend their titles against Enzo Amore & Big Cass, The Vaudevillains, and Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.

    It’s anyone’s guess who will leave Sin City with tag team gold around their waist, but something tells us that the three challenging tandems — all of whom emerged on the main roster recently — are preparing to make their mark on The New Era, and make The New Day old news.

    4. Will Titus O’Neil show Rusev what Americans are truly made of?
    In an exclusive interview with Michael Cole, Titus O’Neil learned that at WWE Money in the Bank, he’ll receive the ultimate Father’s Day gift in the form of a United States Championship Match against Rusev.

    As O’Neil sets his sights on the star-spangled prize — which, if won, would be his first singles title victory in WWE — he’ll also get the opportunity to prove to The Super Athlete what Old Glory is all about. If Rusev starts belittling Americans on Raw, six nights before their one-on-one title clash, expect O’Neil to leave The Bulgarian Brute red, white and bruised.

    5. What does The Club have planned for John Cena before WWE Money in the Bank?
    After The Club took The New Day’s Xavier Woods out of action during Raw’s six-man main event and used their numbers to their advantage, John Cena evened the odds and gave Luke Gallows an Attitude Adjustment for his troubles, while Karl Anderson ate a Big Ending from Big E.

    Cena stood triumphant as Raw went off the air, but at WWE Money in the Bank, his one-on-one battle with AJ Styles will essentially be a 3-on-1 scenario as long as The Phenomenal One has Gallows & Anderson in his corner. Will The Club give Cena an early, painful preview of what he can expect next Sunday in Las Vegas?

    Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 8/7 C, only on the award-winning WWE Network.​
  2. It's Sky SportsHD 5 not 3.
  3. Will RAW do a 10-minute silence for Orlando
  4. Probably on the pre-show. I think they did that for Paris.
  5. It's the worst shooting in American history, it would be wrong to not do it on the actual show
  6. Plus they should start a USA chant, come on New Orleans
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  7. Get Hacksaw Jim Duggan to lead it.

    Just teasing but I agree.
  8. What about a new US champion tonight, Titus time is now
    Only if it's done in good taste
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  9. Fuck it, if I was to book it I would Rusev vs Titus main event, have it an even fought match where Titus does a Hogan style comeback and wins and then the in-ring celebration can be Titus putting on a Magic or Gator jersey and Darren young can come out hell even Cena can come out and just start a USA chant.
    Come on make the title mean something
  10. I dunno, I would hope that the crowd would get behind him and chant USA, but part of me is a bit pessimistic since it was an attack on a gay nightclub. I dunno, part of me worries they might try to overlook it because of that.
  11. Come on, every hick gets behind a USA chant regardless of what it's for
  12. Like the US title should be the strong patriot title and giving it to a baby face from the area within hours of it shows good faith,
    It can help the WWE-
    Spit in the face of terrorism
    Show support to the victims of a town which hugely apart of WWE
    Show support to the LGBTI community not only within Florida but fucking everywhere
    And bring importance to the title.
    I personally believe it would be great to see the WWE taking this stand
    And I have the optimism that the good people of New Orleans will get behind it
  13. Sometimes it's hilarious, though... Especially when the crowds chant USA, but the wrestlers fighting each other are actually not Americans. :hhh2:
  14. Titus's fucking gator gimmick is based on the University of Florida which is in the area and a lot of alumni is from the Orlando area
    WWE has a chance to fucking make a positive social change and I think it would be a stupid to not make it
    And then you can take it of him at Money in the bank if they have to
  15. There will be a moment of silence for Orlando

    The Ambrose Asylum is still going! Noice.
    It's gonna be unstoppable John raiding on a Bullet Club who can only win by advantage.
    Any Darren Young stuff? Maybe
  16. My favorite USA chant was to support Kurt Angle against evil foreigner Bully Ray. That showed him!
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  17. Is this where we will be talking abouylt wwe raw
  18. They did have a moment of silence on tna on saturday night
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