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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 20, 2016.

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    WWE: Monday Night RAW
    June 20 2016

    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, May 30 at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, May 31, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3


    How will Dean Ambrose celebrate his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship?
    In a span of mere minutes last night at WWE Money in the Bank, all three former members of The Shield were WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Roman Reigns was defeated by Seth Rollins in the night’s main event, but Dean Ambrose was quick to give the opportunistic Architect a taste of his own medicine when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on the victorious Rollins, and left Las Vegas with sports-entertainment’s grandest prize.

    Might another former SmackDown figurehead emerge?
    With SmackDown going live on USA Network Tuesday, July 19, the blue brand’s former authority figures have resurfaced to reveal their intentions to take the show to new heights during The New Era. First, it was Teddy Long who returned, not losing a step — or his affinity for tag team matches — since he last ran SmackDown full-time back in 2012. Then, Corporate Kane materialized to use his conflict resolution skills to curry favor with Shane and Stephanie McMahon. Will we see this trend continue on this week’s edition of Monday night’s hottest show?

    Will Natalya explain herself?
    [​IMG] After Natalya was pinned by WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte last night at WWE Money in the Bank, The Queen of Harts brutally betrayed her longtime friend and tag team partner Becky Lynch, attacking The Irish Lass Kicker as Charlotte and Dana Brooke looked on from the entrance ramp.

    The assault came as a complete surprise, both to Becky and the WWE Universe watching around the globe, as Natalya and the fiery redhead have been friends since before they reunited in WWE. What precipitated the Hart Dungeon graduate’s sudden, vitriolic attitude toward her longtime ally? Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the rift between the team once known as “Hart and Fire” tonight.

    Did The Club conspire against John Cena?
    We all saw the contract AJ Styles signed last week: At WWE Money in the Bank, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson were supposed to be barred from ringside to ensure that the long-awaited dream match pitting The Phenomenal One against John Cena would be a fair fight. It was … until Styles’ running buddies stormed the ring while the referee was incapacitated, attacked the Cenation leader, placed their friend on top of Cena and stole a win for The Club.

    Will Titus O’Neil get retribution against Rusev?
    Despite taking the fight to United States Champion Rusev last night at WWE Money in the Bank, Titus O’Neil suffered an unfortunate defeat to The Super Athlete, who proceeded to further humiliate the Floridian in front of his own sons following the bell.

    After Rusev spoiled his Father’s Day in a disgusting and disrespectful manner, O’Neil isn’t going to let The Bulgarian Brute off easy tonight.

    RAW starts 8/7 c on the USA Network. With the pre-show starting at 7:30 EC.​
  2. SkySports 5 HD
  3. Ambrose is the fucking WWE World Heavyweight Champion, just great to say...
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  4. I wish Mike Adamle becomes GM. Then we're for sure getting Jeff Harvy!
  5. Where is Adamlé? Didn't he get lost in the desert or something like that a few years back?

    I remember it being on the news
  6. Lives in Chicago, from what I remember. Works as an announcer for local football, i think.
  7. I remember that back in like 2012-2013 or around that time he was working as a news anchor and they ran a story on him disappearing for like 6 weeks. Turns out he was in the desert.
  8. Jesus christ. I wouldn't be surprised that he came back fine, hear all kinds of stuff about how he's a genetic freak.

  9. The date should be changed to June 20th for the US and the 21st for the UK, m8.

    Also, the show's being shown on Sky Sports 5 HD now.
  10. Completely missed the Adamle era. But I fully support Johnny Ace as the Interim general manager of BOTH Raw & Smackdown, and the executive Vice President of talent relations.
  11. Soak it in, only got a month or two of it:
  13. Holy shit right soildis update that to have ONLY MODS USEING IT
  14. This looks cool, btw.
  15. I get kicked and now RAW IS WAR IS ON
  16. /kick WUKOffical
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  17. Wyatts are back, and Paige somehow gets a title shot. lmao
  18. Guys i am launching something tonight i will tell you at 2am
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