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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, June 29, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, June 30, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Verizon Center
    Washington, DC

    RAW Five-Point Preview: June 29, 2015

    It was almost a foregone conclusion that Brock Lesnar would dismantle Seth Rollins to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Battleground. However, The Architect changed many a mind last week on Raw, when he mended fences with his Authority allies and brutalized The Beast Incarnate.

    Now that he has successfully transformed the unstoppable Anomaly into an underdog, what does “The Future of WWE” have planned for this Monday’s Raw?

    1. Is Rollins unstoppable with The Authority back on his side?
    The band, as they say, is back together. Even though one-half of J&J Security, Jamie Noble, sufferedthree fractured ribs during the chaotic conclusion of last week’s Raw, Joey Mercury, Kane and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins reveled over the fallen form of Brock Lesnar, who ultimately succumbed to the numbers game — and Rollins’ Pedigree — four weeks before his one-on-one title clash with The Architect at WWE Battleground.

    Rollins would continue that dominance on SmackDown, where The Authority helped “The Future of WWE” defeat his longtime nemesis, Dean Ambrose. After such a show of superiority last week, expect Rollins to stand victorious over anyone that steps up to him on Raw.

    2. Should Ryback fear Big Show (and The Miz)?

    Intercontinental Champion Ryback might have thwarted Big Show’s attempt at a backstage ambush last Monday night when he left the giant in a heap on the floor, but not even The Big Guy could withstand a second onslaught on SmackDown. There, as Ryback went down the ramp to battle Kane, The World’s Largest Athlete charged the behemoth from behind, joining the Director of Operations in a titanic two-on-one beatdown.

    Big Show clearly has friends in high places — including the DOO and the rest of The Authority — so Ryback’s chances of retaining his title in WWE Battleground’s Triple Threat Match are looking slim. Speaking of that bout, are Ryback, Big Show and the WWE Universe underestimating The Miz as a threat to The Big Guy’s Intercontinental Championship reign?

    3. Has Bray Wyatt thrown Roman Reigns off his game?

    Roman Reigns just hasn’t been himself these days. After Bray Wyatt denied The Big Dog a near-certain victory in this year’s Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match, The Eater of Worlds has been preying on the psyche of the otherwise indomitable Superstar, going so far as to involve Reigns’ family in the mind games.

    After holding a sinister tea party backstage at Raw, Wyatt continued to toy with Reigns on SmackDown, placing a defaced photo of the Samoan Superstar in Reigns’ vest with the words “anyone but you” scrawled on it. After The Big Dog confronted Kane in search of The New Face of Fear, the Director of Operations had the visibly shaken Reigns ejected from the arena. What is Wyatt’s endgame, and what can Reigns do to counter these macabre machinations?

    4. What’s going on between Rusev and Summer Rae?

    Rusev might be taking Lana’s newfound relationship with Dolph Ziggler pretty hard, but Summer Rae has seemingly softened the fall for the hobbled Bulgarian Brute. On both Raw and SmackDown, the blonde bombshell assured Rusev that “Lana’s not worth it,” seemingly showing some affection for the heartbroken former United States Champion. Is a new romance brewing?

    5. Are Cena’s days as United States Champion numbered?

    Last Monday, Kevin Owens and John Cena made it official: At WWE Battleground, the NXT Champion will face the Cenation leader for the United States Championship, raising the stakes significantly in their anticipated rubber match.

    Although Cena defeated Owens at WWE Money in the Bank — a hard-fought victory after The Champ’s loss at WWE Elimination Chamber — a post-match attack by the bitter NXT standout forced The Champ to miss Raw the following night. Is Cena still feeling the lingering effects of that assault, despite his willingness to defend his star-spangled prize against Owens? Might Cena’s “Never Give Up” attitude be his own undoing in three weeks at WWE Battleground?

    Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET, exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.
  2. Monday Night RAW Main Event Announced

  3. Nice main event. But.... we of course want Brock.
  4. He won't be on RAW this week, he'll be there next week in Chicago.
  5. I feel absolutely greasy wondering what Summer Rae is up to.
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  6. So who's watching tonight?
  7. I am watching tonight, as I always do. Can't help myself.
  8. If they're performing in front of a large city I can expect the guys and gals to put in a little more gumption. I'd love to see Batista again. Are there any rumors that he might show up?
  9. Is this where we post now? Forgive me for being totally out of the loop today
  10. It's a chat, Kia. For non topic talk. We also use it for live threads. Hows life?
  11. hooked up to raw right now
  12. I will most likely miss RAW. I have the entire week off, but I still need to catch up on sleep
  13. I'm lovely, Stopspot. Thanks for asking and I'm certain you are cool as always :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Fair bit tired after a long work week. But other than that I am just dandy
  15. Enjoy, dear. Sleep away and dream pleasant things. :relaxed:
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