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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jun 2, 2014.

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, June 2nd, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, June 3rd, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Bankers Life Fieldhouse
    Indianapolis, IN

    RAW Five-Point Review:
    Well,that was certainly something. On the same night that John Cena silenced Bray Wyatt, The Shield taught Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton a lesson in Evolution with an extinction-level event at WWE Payback. But with all of that score settling and career threatening in the Windy City, what can we anticipate just 24 hours later on Raw? WWE.com has five thoughts on what’s sure to be one hot night in Indianapolis.

    1. Can quitters prosper?
    It was decision time for Daniel Bryan at WWE Payback, where he would be forced to either surrender his hard-won WWE World Heavyweight Championship or see his wife, Brie Bella, fired by The Authority’s Stephanie McMahon. It was a difficult choice to be sure, but it was ultimately Brie who would do the deciding when she selflessly quit WWE, nullifying the threat presented by one of WWE’s Principal Owners. With a slap that reverberated throughout Chicago’s Allstate Arena, the “Total Divas” star delivered a stinging parting shot to Stephanie before sparking a “Yes!” chant with her husband.

    View photos of this heated encounter

    Now that Stephanie’s plan to force Bryan to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Title has backfired, what obstacles lie ahead for the leader of the “Yes!” Movement? Also, what’s next for Brie, now no longer part of the WWE roster?

    2. Razing Kane
    Kofi Kingston spoke his mind on Twitter about Stephanie McMahon forcing Daniel Bryan to choose between his family and his career at WWE Payback, and Kofi’s candid honesty was “rewarded” with a savage beat down at the hands of Kane moments before The Dreadlocked Dynamo was to face Bo Dallas.

    Read more about the attack | View photos

    This startling show of force — seemingly ordered by The Authority — was a shocking reminder of what The Devil’s Favorite Demon is capable of. Should Kane re-emerge on Raw, disaster will soon follow.

    3. Moral victory
    In what no doubt ranks among his most grueling battles to date, John Cena defeated the calculating Bray Wyatt in a savage Last Man Standing Match that had it all: chairs, stairs, tables and even some surprise pyrotechnics. But in the end, it was a well-executed Attitude Adjustment through an equipment case that felled The Eater of Worlds — at least for now.

    Match results | View photos

    When we last saw Wyatt Sunday night, he was incapacitated within a makeshift tomb, courtesy of the Cenation leader. Now that Cena has put the exclamation point on his months-long rivalry with the self-professed “necessary evil,” is the WWE Universe free of The Wyatt Family’s evil allure?

    4. Brotherhood no more?
    After being defeated by Ryback & Curtis Axel at WWE Payback, Cody Rhodes offered the following words to sibling and tag team partner, Goldust: “Brother to brother, you need a better tag team partner than me.”

    View photos of this emotional moment

    Clearly disappointed by a less-than-stellar win/loss record as of late, the former WWE Tag Team Champions have seemingly gone their separate ways. Might Goldust and Cody regain their luster as solo competitors?

    5. Swept away
    We knew The Shield was good, but no one could have predicted that The Hounds of Justice would wind up going 3-0 in a No Holds Barred Elimination Match against Evolution — one of the most decorated factions in all of sports-entertainment history. And, yet, for all of Triple H, Randy Orton & Batista’s underhanded tactics and a seemingly endless supply of “equalizers,” justice ultimately prevailed at WWE Payback as all three black-clad warriors asserted their dominance as a unit.

    Match results | View photos | Complete WWE Payback coverage

    Having twice vanquished Evolution in six-man encounters, The Shield strides into Monday Night Raw with some well-earned swagger. Whatever they do next will be must-see. Believe that.

    Tune in this Monday at 8/7 CT on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to WWE Network for Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 and Backstage Pass immediately following the show!

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  2. That NHB Elimination match was no joke, Evo beat the shit out of them to start and then Hounds of Justice prevailed and it was beautiful, even coming from someone who had wanted Evo to win that match I really was intrigued by the final result.

    I'm stoked for this RAW following Payback! Really wanna see how this thing with Goldy and Cody plays out, was totally not even expecting a split this PPV but man.. Cody dropped it real quick on Goldy.
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  3. deniail brahim a good champiain
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  4. Should be a good RAW tonight.... but please let the Cena/Wyatt feud be over.. please. Also, please just let that one segment be all that happens to Kofi... don't drag this shit on just because you need something for Kane to do.

    What will the Authority's retaliation be for "The Slap Heard Round The World" ? Tonight is it for Batista for a while.... what will happen to Evolution?

    I'll be in the LD for sure... see you guys there!
  5. i cant what for raw to
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  6. I heard Kofi had tweeted something about how it was unjust for them to give Daniel Bryan such an ultimatum like that and they were just doing that as a punishment. Not sure why they did it during the PPV instead of actually giving Bo vs Kofi a real match; honestly was kinda hyping that possible match.
  7. Yeah, I knew why it was done... I'm just saying I hope that that's going to be all there is to it. I don't like the fact that Kane has, once again, reverted back to being a puppet... they should have let him just go wild... keep him uncontrollable and just attacking people at random with no real reasoning... it would have kept his character strong until Bryan heals enough to restart the feud.
  8. Oh haha, yeah it should be one and done, I don't see any reason for it to go any longer.. I had heard Kofi was due for a character change or wanted to change his character not too long ago and didn't even hear anything about the tweet so I thought this was just a way to "injure" Kofi.
    It sucked too because Kofi would've been Bo's first real experienced challenge (not to discredit Hunicara or Xavier Woods but both are still under a year on the main roster if I'm not mistake) and I think if Bo was penciled into win it they probably could've had quite the match.
  9. Looking forward to the show. Brotherhood progression, what will the Shield do now, Evolution will probably disband and Batista will go away, want to know how they'll go forward with DB, curious to see how Bray comes back after that job, really not looking forward to what Cena's doing... and this is the beginning of the MITB build, right? Should be good, hopefully.
  10. RAW Pre Show on now.
  11. Paige vs Cameron.... wtf?
  12. I actually fell asleep making the LD at 11. Lol

    Still can't wait for the Cena and wyatt feud to end. Bryan and Steph angle 3 and Bo fucking Dallas.
  13. Yeah Cena/Wyatt really does need to end... the LMS would be the best ending but we are talking about WWE so who knows.
  14. I think Cena/Wyatt is pretty much done. I mean, Cena already won lol, so no reason to keep going.
  15. The Usos vs Rowan and Harper announced for tonight.
  16. man that black eye on triple h face
  17. Evening folks... it is on!
  18. Show starting.
  19. the show is starting i hope it be good
  20. should they be split right
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