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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, June 30th, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, July 1st, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    XL Center
    Hartford, CT

    RAW Five-Point Review:
    The cash has been counted, the dust has settled, and John Cena is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Cenation leader’s grueling trek to the top of the ladder at Money in the Bank may have placed him in the throne for the 15th time, but the target on his back has become bigger than ever thanks to freshly crowned Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins and his backers in The Authority. What will happen to kick off The Champ’s 15th World Title reign on Raw? WWE.com has a few ideas.

    1. Champ vs. Authority
    John Cena is World Champion again, and that means, for the first time, he finds himself square in the crosshairs of WWE COO Triple H. Cena was otherwise occupied for much of The Game’s pursuit of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and rivalry with Daniel Bryan, but now that he’s got the crown jewel The King of Kings covets, what will the corporate power throw at him to reclaim what they believe is theirs? Using Seth Rollins seems like the obvious answer, though before Rollins can make his move for the title, he’ll have to deal with …

    2. Enemy for life
    … Dean Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe may not have succeeded in capturing the Money in the Bank contract, but the former United States Champion is likely not done with Rollins, or The Authority, by a long shot. Ambrose will likely have an opportunity to speak his mind at some point on Raw, though it’s equally likely he lets his fists do the talking instead.

    3. Shoot for the stars
    The events of Money in the Bank certainly proved that the ethereal tandem of Goldust & Stardust didn’t simply notch a fluke win over RybAxel in their debut two weeks ago: The duo repeated the victory in what was only Stardust’s second televised contest, defeating RybAxel in a rematch and instantly establishing themselves, once again, as the pair to watch within the Tag Team division. Can a run at The Usos, who defeated The Wyatts to retain their Tag Team Championships, be far off?

    4. Resistance is futile
    Look on the bright side, America: At least Team USA is still in the World Cup. There’s little else for Old Glory to crow about in the way of international competition, thanks to the continuing dominance of Rusev. Big E gave The Super Athlete his toughest test yet in their second consecutive pay-per-view clash, but the raw power of the former Intercontinental Champion was not enough to hand the WWE NXT veteran his first defeat. Has E had enough? Or will he make another attempt to defeat The Bulgarian Brute?

    5. Return of the dragon
    There is, in fact, one final piece to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship puzzle: At Money in the Bank Kickoff, Daniel Bryan made his first public appearance since being stripped of the ultimate prize, taking fan questions through Twitter and speaking on the subject of his recovery. While there is still no timetable for the “Yes!” Man’s return, Bryan did end his Q-and-A with the promise that whoever won the title was on “borrowed time” until he reclaimed what was his. Now that Cena has been crowned, will he last long enough as champion to deliver on his longstanding promise to give Bryan a no-questions-asked opportunity at the title? Tune in to Raw tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to WWE Network for the Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 and Backstage Pass immediately following the show!​
  2. Stickied. Just like OP
  3. This show should be good. I love it that Seth's Mr. Money In The Bank!
  4. MITB PPV Part 2... expect to see a Big E/Rusev rematch... most likely a singles match between one of the Usos vs one of the Wyatts.. Layla vs Summer Rae again with Summer Rae victorious this time.. he Dust brothers vs Rybaxel again... Paige vs Naomi again to try and redeem the botchfest.. and for the main event I'm calling Orton and Rollins vs Cena and Ambrose in a tag match.... most likely a Sandow/Rose match in there somewhere.. and the start of a new feud between RVD and someone else insignificant.

    My predictions for tonight.
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    I think it'll most likely be Lesnar to start the SS build up.
  6. I have a feeling it'll be Flair if they are bringing someone back. They have been looking to bring him back into the product after all.

    Or it's just in connection to them having a champ again after another glorious reign by Vacant.
  7. 2 month buildup seems like a bit much... but if Lesnar returns it would definitely shake things up.
  8. Probably Miz
  9. I think we're gonna get both Jericho and Lesnar tonight
  10. i hope that raw be a good one
  11. We have liftoff ladies and gentleman! How is everyone tonight?
  12. well raw is starting i hope that thins be a good one case i might stay to watch tna
  13. Feeling good bruh, I have high hopes for tonight
  14. who think that y2j be back tonight
  15. Have no fear. I am here
  16. and the King and Queen enter stage left.
  17. i hate this stop the kissing it spose to be pg
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