Raw Live Event in São Paulo, Brazil-Results

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Leo C, May 25, 2012.

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  1. I was in the show, scheduled to begin at 8:30 PM. First ever live show I've been to, therefore I was really excited. Before things started, a few "Yes!" chants broke out sporadically. Punctually, the show started in the time it was supposed to, with a few ads about "Don't try this at home", "Watch No Way Out" and WWE '12. Justin Roberts came out and opened the show, right after that, he introduced John Laurinaitis.

    Laurinaitis came out in crutches along with David Otunga to a lot of boos and started talking. He introduced himself in his usual way and said that everyone there should thank him for being there, and that it would be a great show.

    In the opening match, we saw Brodus Clay defeat JTG with his splash. Brodus Clay was cheered (not as much as I expected, but it was a pretty good reaction) and JTG was booed. I probably had a great seat sound-wise, because whenever I cheered, booed, started a chant or clapped loudly everyone else did it too. The match was a decent opener.

    David Otunga came out and was heavily booed. He posed a lot to a different song before his opponent came out. Alex Riley's theme played and he was cheered a lot. The match was decent, and in the end Otunga won cleanly with the Verdict. He left, and Riley stayed in the ring, we clapped and cheered for him as he left.

    In the match that probably had the smallest crowd reaction (and it wasn't that bad), Michael McGillicutty defeated Curt Hawkins. Hennig worked as the face, so people didn't know who to boo or to cheer. There were lots of "Let's go Hawkins" chants, I participated in those but also cheered for McGillicutty, since he was supposed to be the face. Joe won with his Running Neckbreaker in the end. Great match by the way, a few people even said it was the match of the night.

    Miz's theme plays. The arena goes wild, we have more cheer than boos when the theme is playing. He grabs a mic and tells us to shut up and similar things, then starts saying a few words in portuguese to diss the crowd. He cracked me up with that. Zack Ryder's theme song plays, and he shows up to a warm welcome. Before they start the match, we have lots of chants for Ryder, and people booing Miz. Ryder won in the end with a Rough Ryder in a pretty good match. As he left, Primo & Epico attacked him and grabbed mics.

    They started saying how Puerto Rico was a great country and that Brazil sucked (all in spanish). Kofi and Truth came out, and it was a title match. Epico hit Kofi with the Backstabber and pinned him, he put his foot on the rope but the ref still counted. They were announced the champs, but another referee came out and they continued the match. Kofi won with a Trouble in Paradise. Truth came out rapping, and the whole crowd screamed "What's Up!" and "Boom" respectively.

    Fifteen minute break.

    Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly with a Glam Slam. The crowd was really active and there was a funny moment, when Beth was dominating she screamed "Kiss my ass!" while slapping it, which caused "Yes!" chants to break out loudly, people seemed to like the idea.

    Dolph Ziggler came out, and introduced Mason Ryan as his bodyguard. There were cheers and boos for Dolph. John Cena comes, and the crowd erupts. I felt like I was the only one booing him, I wanted it to be a mixed reaction, but OK. During the match, we saw lots of "Let's go Cena" and "Cena Sucks" chants, including once when I screamed "Cena Sucks" out of nowhere and the entire arena reacted. Anyway, Mason Ryan was sent backstage when he punched Cena during the match, then Laurinaitis and Otunga came out. David tried to work on Cena using Ace's crutch, but he reversed it into an AA. Dolph hit him with the crutch. In the end, Ace was on the apron and Ziggler tried to hit Cena with a Superkick, but he hit Johnny instead. It looked awesome. Cena hits an AA and wins. He runs around with our flag for a while and leaves.

    Justin Roberts says they'll be back to Brazil very soon.

    Now for the Main Event. It was a WWE Title Match. Chris Jericho came out first to a mixed reaction, the smarks cheering and the marks booing. CM Punk came out to the biggest pop of the night along with Cena, and his entrance lasted quite a while. Then, Chris Jericho grabs the flag that was in the ring and we all know what happens (he stomps on it and kicks it, getting some heat). The match starts and everything goes OK until something happens in the side of the ring I couldn't see and out of nowhere (for me) Jericho apologizes for stomping on the flag. I think some stupid cop must've told him something. Match goes on, Punk kicks out of a Codebreaker sometime and in the end wins with a GTS. He also runs around with the flag celebrating, and leaves. End of show.
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