Raw live results: Sept. 3, 2012

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  1. Raw live results: Sept. 3, 2012


    AJ's call for a new opponent for the World Heavyweight Champion was answered by none other than Jack Swagger, who (with Alberto Del Rio watching from ringside) attacked The Celtic Warrior with gusto and, perhaps, with more than a little desparation given his recent in-ring woes. The All-American American looked as sharp as ever against The Great White, driving him into the corner before Sheamus rallied with a pair of axehandle shots to Swagger's head. Swagger attempted to put The Great White away with a Swagger Bomb, but it wasn't enough to keep the champion down. 

    It was ultimately a surprise maneuver that sealed the match, as Sheamus trapped Swagger in a Texas Clovelerleaf and forced The All-American American to tap out.

    Del Rio was quick to capitalize, jumping The Celtic Warrior in the ring and unleashing a furious assault on the champion. Before Sheamus could execute the Brogue Kick, though, Ricardo Rodriguez streaked into the ring. Del Rio ducked out of the way, leaving his manservant to absorb the full force of Sheamus' foot.

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