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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, March 2nd, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, March 3rd, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Prudential Center
    Newark, NJ

    Raw Five-Point Preview: March 2, 2015
    We’re four weeks away from WrestleMania 31, and emotions are running high throughout the WWE Universe. John Cena relentlessly pursues a rematch with United States Champion on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Bray Wyatt continues his quest to lure The Undertaker out of the darkness for a Show of Shows confrontation, and Seth Rollins attempts to coexist with The Authority’s prodigal son, Randy Orton, while waging a war of words with “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart.

    This year’s Road to WrestleMania is already proving to be among the most chaotic in the storied history of The Showcase of the Immortals, but in many ways, we’re just getting started. What excitement awaits live on Raw? WWE.com has some ideas.

    1. Will Cena battle Rusev at WrestleMania?

    It was a heart-wrenching evening for legions of John Cena fans at WWE Fastlane, where Cenation bore witness as their indomitable hero fell victim to United States Champion Rusev’s excruciating Accolade and passed out. Still undefeated, The Super Athlete celebrated a defining victory over the fighting American who, the very next night, valiantly urged for a rematch against The Hero of the Russian Federation at WrestleMania 31. This request was denied.

    As Cena has pointed out on several occasions, however, “Never Give Up” isn’t just a catchphrase on his T-shirts. On Raw, will Cena try to goad his unstoppable foe into a clash at The Show of Shows? If he’s unsuccessful in his mission, what awaits Cena at The Showcase of the Immortals?

    2. Does a Curb Stomp await Jon Stewart?

    It was far from a “Moment of Zen” Thursday night on “The Daily Show” when Seth Rollins appeared during the final segment of the Comedy Central series and delivered a face-to-face message to the Emmy Award-winning talk show host.

    “Why don't you shut your mouth and bring it, pal?” Rollins asked a visibly shaken Stewart.” “How about you show up, this Monday night on Monday Night Raw?”

    What will transpire when Stewart comes to Raw, where Rollins will no doubt be anxious to settle their rivalry once and for all?

    3. How will Reigns prepare for Lesnar?

    After defeating Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane and earning the right to challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, Roman Reigns has silenced many of his vocal critics — but not Paul Heyman. Last week on Raw, Heyman said in no uncertain terms that The Big Dog doesn’t have what it takes to dethrone The Beast Incarnate at The Show of Shows, claiming Reigns is “the right guy in the right place at the wrong time.”

    Heyman’s words have only fueled Reigns’ desire to defeat Lesnar and capture sports-entertainment’s richest prize, but the No. 1 contender still must face his fair share of challenges — both physical and otherwise — before he battles The Beast in Santa Clara. What lies ahead for Reigns on Raw as he readies himself for the biggest match of his career?

    4. Is Randy Orton going to snap?

    Randy Orton doesn’t exactly play well with others, and even though the returning Viper has rejoined The Authority, his relationship with the rest of the group — especially Seth Rollins — is already tenuous at best.

    Re-emerging in WWE with a vengeance at WWE Fastlane, Orton doled out vicious RKOs to J&J Security and Kane, with Big Show and Rollins avoiding the punishment. Even though he’s now seemingly on the same page as the rest of his Authority associates, that same savagery lurks just beneath The Viper’s veneer of compliance, as evidenced by his frustration-fueled RKO to Jamie Noble after last Monday’s main event.

    Will we see WWE’s Apex Predator lash out against The Authority again this week, or will Triple H and Stephanie McMahon somehow force Orton to be a team player?

    5. Who will take possession of the Intercontinental Championship this week?
    Poor Bad News Barrett. Even though he’s still the Intercontinental Champion after Dean Ambrose was disqualified at WWE Fastlane, his waist has been noticeably bare thanks to Dean Ambrose, who defiantly absconded with the title when the bout had ended.

    After flaunting his stolen prize on Raw, Ambrose brought the Intercontinental Championship to SmackDown, where Daniel Bryan and R-Truth each got their mitts on the illustrious title before Ambrose got it back. Regardless of who’s physically holding the title, it will be Barrett who must defend it against multiple Superstars at WrestleMania 31 in a Ladder Match, as we learned last Thursday on Facebook. Will Barrett be able to hold his beloved championship again before it’s suspended high above the ring at The Showcase of the Immortals?

    Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET, only on WWE Network.
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  2. This looks like a very interesting Monday Night RAW. :bodallas:
  3. Should be an alright show.. although I expect nothing but 7/10s out of the road to wrestlemania shows.
  4. To be fair, they have about 3-4 weeks to build up Wrestlemania. Seth Rollin's Stewart appearance tells me that it was a publicity stunt for the buildup of Wrestlemania.
  5. Yeah, I expect 7/10 as the highest rating as far as the build-up goes, as well. But, I hope they surprise us with some compelling TV in the coming weeks, though.
  6. Keep Bolieving in that, buddy. :bodallas:

    Speaking of it, I miss Bo... Sheamus, too. Hope they return on Monday.
  7. Sheamus' return has been teased this past Monday, so expect him either this coming Monday, or the coming weeks.
  8. Well, they'd better hurry up. I want [heel] Sheamus back.
  9. Madusa/Alundra Blayze to be announced as the female HOF inductee this year.
  10. A friend of mine asked if she's going to drop her HOF ring in the trash can?
  11. If she does I'll retrieve it, thousands of dollars in gold and diamonds picked from a trash can would be a cool haul.
  12. They've been teasing it since RAW on february 9th almost a month ago haha.
  13. This should be good
  14. That's what we say about every episode and then you know what happens. lol
  15. I'm preparing for an average show, I can't see anything special happening tomorrow night.
  16. Surprise, surprise.

  17. I expect a 7.1/10 at the very least. Let's be honest here.
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  19. Oh, and the 5 posts a day limit will of course be removed regular members.
  20. @Solidus

    Cool little addition, bro. Keep up the good work!
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