RAW March 31st, 2014 Live Discussion

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Mar 30, 2014.

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    When and Where?
    When? (In the U.S): Live Monday night at 8/7c on the USA Network
    When (In the UK): Tuesday morning at 1 AM on SkySport3HD
    Where?: Norfolk Scope in Norfolk, Virgina

    When the Dead come knocking

    He Can See You
    What Could Have Been

    Shield vs Suits

    Home Stretch for YES!

  2. Something went on in the clocks today, does Raw still start at midnight in the UK?
  3. That's what it seems to me..
  4. Good, I need Mania to be midnight, 4 hour show starting at 1am is killing me, starting at midnight makes it a bit better.
  5. Curious to how the show goes off the air. Starting to wonder if Bryan should get one-up on Triple H to go off the air, so us Triple H haters can say "Oh, crap... job on Monday, win on Sunday, no Triple H, don't do it!"
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  6. Pumped for the last RAW prior to mania!!
  7. I hope Raw goes off air with Hunter holding up both titles while Randy and Bootista are laid out.
  8. Nope, back to 1am. Mania is Midnight - 4am though.
  9. RAW is 1-4:15am from now on. Clocks went forward.
  10. He already said that.
  11. No one needs to see it twice.
  12. RAW is 1-4:15am from now on. Clocks went forward.
  13. Stop being a smart ass prick.
  14. RAW is 1-4:15am from now on. Clocks went forward.
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  15. Hilarious. Nice to see you're as mature as ever.
  16. I feel like I should be more excited for the Mania go home show, but nothing profound or meaningful seems to be in the cards.

    Next week's show though OMG FAP FAP FAP
  17. Predictions:
    - Bryan runs in at the end of the Batista v Orton match, takes them both out and has a stare down with Hunter on the ramp to end the show
    - Cena & Big Show v Harper & Rowan. Cena gets the pin to get the kids hyped for Mania
    - Surely Lesnar has to get one up on Taker to appear to be a threat? No DQ or casket match stipulation is announced
  18. I don't really care about this show, nor do I care that much for WM itself. For the second year running I care more about the Raw afterwards.

    Imagine if Triple H won the strap, the crowd reaction would be absolutely hilarious lol
  19. Shut up Ryan.

    Where the hell have you been? I miss you.
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