RAW May 16th, 2016 [Live Discussion]

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, May 14, 2016.

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, May 16 at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, May 17, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Greensboro Coliseum
    Greensboro, NC

    Raw Five-Point Preview: May 16, 2016

    Despite destroying Chris Jericho's light-up jacket, Dean Ambrose remains a step behind the ruthless Superstar on the road to Extreme Rules. Can The Lunatic Fringe retaliate, or will The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla leave him all tied up again?

    1. It's Club-bering time
    Technically, The Club hasn’t won a match yet. But technically, that doesn’t matter since Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson demolished The Usos on both Raw andSmackDown, while AJ Styles held WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns to a draw in a standoff over a steel chair. With Extreme Rules approaching fast, Reigns is in need of a dominant display and, with Styles’ friends officially at his back, doing so is now easier said than done.

    2. New Day rocked
    The New Day might have thought that, with their old-timey entrance music and handlebar moustaches, The Vaudevillains were more panache than power. They were sorely, sorely mistaken. Not only did Aiden English & Simon Gotch decimate The New Day and cost them a match on Raw, but English defeated Kofi Kingston in one-on-one combat on SmackDown after their respective partners were ejected. Suddenly, the Tag Team Title picture is neck-and-neck, and The New Day might need some extra P.O.P. to gain ground.

    3. The 'EnD' is here
    Big shakeups are happening in the Women’s division, as Dana Brooke’s Raw debut officially turned Becky Lynch’s beef with Emma into a 2-on-1 affair. The Irish Lass Kicker caught a pair of lass kickings from the newly-christened “EnD” (Emma ‘n’ Dana), with Dana notching her SmackDown debut victory at Lynch’s expense. With the powerful pair poised to make life hell for Maiden Ireland, Lynch might find herself in need of some extra #straightfire — or, failing that, a tag team partner will do.

    4. Lights out
    With all the beatings Chris Jericho has given Dean Ambrose lately, it’s difficult to remember that “The Best in the World at What He Does” is coming off a loss to The Lunatic Fringe. Defeat hasn’t humbled Jericho one bit, and he’s since bestowed “The Gift of Jericho” on Ambrose by trapping him in a straitjacket in retaliation for the destruction of his own light-up leather coat. Ambrose, for all his frothing rage, has yet to hand Jericho a truly definitive setback, and that’ll be tough now that Jericho seems to have his number. The sky seems to be the limit for “The Best in the World at What He Does,” provided, of course, Big Cass doesn’t come calling again

    5. Caribbean cool
    For months now, the WWE Universe has been receiving dispatches from Puerto Rico and the suave Shining Stars, Primo & Epico. Well, on Monday, the boys make the trip to the mainland for their Raw debuts, and with a burgeoning tag team division laid out before them, they’ll have the pick of the litter for their first opponents.
  2. I hope for a decent show but i doubt that
  3. debut of primo and epico, never seen anything from them. Any good?
  4. No idea.. about time they got some fresh talent though
  5. they are fresh indeed, but talent is yet to be seen
  6. You're such a cynic
  7. Most of the time.
  8. They are pretty good. You're bound to get some talent from the Colons.
  9. I honestly thought Primo and Epico were alright
  10. Ended the god awful Air Boom team. nuff sed
  11. Their tag team title run was passable, but the tag division was meh then
  12. All they honestly need is a good valet or manager to talk for them and they can be a good asset to the division
  13. ...Or Rosa to dance for them again
  14. Eh. A.W was the better manager.
  15. wait, they are the Matadores in a new uniform
  16. No they are likely in their old attire.
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