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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, May 25, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, May 26, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
    Uniondale, NY

    Raw Five-Point Preview: May 25, 2015

    You can never predict what Dean Ambrose will do next, but after WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins evaded The Lunatic Fringe’s vengeance on SmackDown, Ambrose will no doubt target The Architect on Raw. Will J&J Security have their hands full, six nights before Ambrose and Rollins battle for sports-entertainment’s grandest prize at WWE Elimination Chamber?

    Plus, what excitement awaits when the stars of the forthcoming “Entourage” film — in theaters June 3 — join the WWE Universe for Monday night’s hottest show?

    1. Will Dean Ambrose retaliate against Seth Rollins before WWE Elimination Chamber?
    After threatening Seth Rollins last Monday on Raw and forcing The Authority to grant him a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match against The Architect at WWE Elimination Chamber, Dean Ambrose succumbed to the numbers game as Kane, Rollins and J&J Security brutally attacked The Lunatic Fringe. Putting an exclamation point on the carnage, Rollins hit Ambrose with Triple H’s signature Pedigree — a move “The Future of WWE” has become incredibly comfortable using.

    2. Who deserves to be Divas Champion?

    Well, this is getting complicated. For weeks, Naomi has been the most persistent threat to Nikki Bella’s Divas Championship reign — especially since aligning with the returning Tamina — but Paige has also laid claim to No. 1 contendership since re-emerging in WWE Monday night on Raw. In fact, were it not for Naomi ambushing The Diva of Tomorrow on the April 13 edition of Raw in London, Paige would have faced Nikki for the illustrious prize last month at Extreme Rules.

    Now, two game Divas are gunning for Nikki’s butterfly-emblazoned title at WWE Elimination Chamber, exclusively on WWE Network in the United States. As their Triple Threat Divas Championship Match approaches, what fireworks can we expect from these three fierce competitors on Raw?

    3. How will Cena respond to Owens?
    NXT Champion Kevin Owens has had quite a week. After boldly confronting John Cena on Raw, laying out The Champ with a Pop-up Powerbomb and disrespectfully stepping on the United States Championship, the brawler got himself a one-on-one match with The Champ at WWE Elimination Chamber, brutalized his former friend Sami Zayn at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable and found himself face to face with the hulking Samoa Joe.

    4. Who will gain momentum before entering the Elimination Chamber?
    Not only will six worthy Superstars be stepping into the Elimination Chamber next Sunday to battle for the vacant Intercontinental Championship, but six tag teams will be clashing in the first WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match in history. With all that’s on the line, every competitor facing a melee inside the imposing structure will have a lot on their mind this week — especially those entering the Chamber for the first time, live on WWE Network.

    How will the brutality that awaits these Superstars affect their mindsets going into Raw? How does one psychologically prepare for the flesh-tearing, bone-jarring reality of the Elimination Chamber? Expect Superstars to raise the bar of competition as one of the most feared nights of WWE’s calendar year approaches.

    5. Are Dolph Ziggler and Lana a good match?
    Lana set the world on fire when she planted not one, but two kisses on Dolph Ziggler’s lips last week on Raw, and the gossip mill has been sent into overdrive as a result. Is The Showoff correct in assuming that The Ravishing Russian is merely trying to make her ex Rusev jealous? Was Rusev speaking the truth when he said, in a WWE.com exclusive, that he “didn’t say goodbye forever” and that Lana misunderstood him when he told her to leave the ring last Monday night?

    Poll: Who is the best match for Lana?

    It’s clear that the WWE Universe approves the platinum-haired pairing of Dolph and Lana, but The Bulgarian Brute doesn’t seem at all willing to see The Ravishing Russian walk off into the sunset with The Showoff. Rusev will vent all of that frustration against Ziggler when they collide inside the Elimination Chamber for the Intercontinental Championship next Sunday, exclusively on WWE Network in the United States. As for Raw, the world will be watching to see what Lana and Ziggler do next.

    Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET, exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.
  2. God I wish I was Nick Nemeth getting kissy with CJ Perry.. Could be a future porno right there if WWE ever got into that type of business
  3. Yeah, DZ is a lucky bastard.
  4. damn, you know their real names too?
  5. I only know Nick because of the Spirit Squad back in the day.. and CJ Perry's I know because I used to like Ne-Yo and he signed her and a couple other girls to a music deal.
  6. it's live
  7. IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE!... oh, you said "live" nevermind
  8. Thank you Soli.. and good evening to you as well as everyone else!
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  10. Memorial Day tribute was pretty cool... now the Authority back out of everything they promise everyone lol
  11. 10 minutes late again lol.
  12. I forgot it was monday, Soli you need a better team
  13. Am i missing anything? Don't spoil who opens lol please.
  14. EC is sunday, right?
  15. It's just an Authority segment , and yes, EC is Sunday.
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