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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, May 25, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, May 26, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, May 27, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Thompson-Boling Arena
    Knoxville, TN

    RAW Five-Point Review:
    We’re less than one week away from WWE Payback, but we might very well be heading into the anticipated special event without a WWE World Heavyweight Champion. As the WWE Universe waits to see whether the leader of the “Yes!” Movement will indeed relinquish his hard-earned title, what will transpire when a special Memorial Day edition of Monday night’s hottest show emanates from Knoxville, Tenn.? WWE.com has five theories.

    1. Not-so-sweet surrender
    Although their hero underwent successful neck surgery and is fortunately on the mend, the “Yes!” Movement has been in turmoil since The Authority demanded that Daniel Bryan personally surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this Monday on Raw. As argued by Stephanie McMahon last week on Raw, the WWE Universe needs an active champion, and since Bryan is currently unable to compete while in recovery, giving up his title is “best for business.”

    WWE COO Triple H addressed the matter further last Wednesday on WWE.com in an exclusive interview with Michael Cole, suggesting that perhaps Bryan’s “not tough enough to be able to handle the gig” and that the fan-favorite Superstar will do the right thing by relinquishing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. If Bryan doesn’t, we can only assume that the consequences will be dire.

    2. Fox hunt:
    Okay, we’ve all watched (and re-watched) the footage of Alicia Fox going bonkers and dumping a WWE fan’s soda all over herself last Monday night, but let’s not forget the reason for the bizarre celebration: Alicia pinned Divas Champion Paige, giving the 21-year-old her first defeat since her Raw debut the night after WrestleMania.

    See photos of Fox’s wild antics | Learn more about Paige

    Even though Fox has seemingly come unhinged in recent weeks, her new and slightly tilted outlook on life is already reaping huge benefits. With a victory over the reigning titleholder, has Alicia secured herself a Divas Championship Match in the near future? Hold on to your cups.

    3. Process of elimination

    Last week, The Authority banned all “non-official” WWE personnel from ringside during Seth Rollins’ clash with Batista, which resulted in Triple H trying his hand at ring announcing and Randy Orton serving as a special timekeeper for the wild encounter. Because that’s totally fair, right?

    However, Raw General Manager Brad Maddox leveled the playing field for The Shield by allowing Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to serve as guest commentators for the bout, ensuring that if either The Game or The Animal tried to intervene on their Evolution cohort’s behalf, The Hounds of Justice would be ready to strike. As expected, the combustible elements in and around the ring sparked an all-out melee between the embattled groups, with Evolution ultimately retreating up the entrance ramp from the fired-up Shield. That encounter has only raised the ire of the WWE COO, who has since vowed to “eliminate The Shield one-by-one.”

    Will Maddox be punished by The Authority for his apparent act of defiance? And with tensions between The Shield and Evolution at an all-time high, will these two warring factions tear each other apart before their No Holds Barred Elimination Match at WWE Payback?

    4. Kiss and yell

    How’s Fandango going to dance his way out of this one? Last week, the sashaying Superstar was in for a shock when Summer Rae — who he dumped via Twitter, by the way — returned to Raw and planted a kiss on her former dance partner. Layla was incensed by Summer “cutting in” on her all-too-public relationship with Fandango, and found herself in a wild brawl with the blonde beauty that ended in a relative stalemate.

    Hear exclusive comments from Summer Rae | Photos of the brawl

    Now that there are two women in Fandango’s life, the fleet-footed master of the ballroom might be having second thoughts about scorning Summer Rae. Will the sequins fly again if Summer and Layla cross paths on Raw?

    5. The final countdown

    It was like the most disturbing episode of “Sesame Street” ever last Monday night when Luke Harper stood over an incapacitated John Cena and slowly counted to 10 — a sinister look at what could be the Cenation leader’s fate at WWE Payback when he collides with Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing Match. Cena has made a career of standing firm in the face of adversity, but as “The Man of 1,000 Truths” continues to assert his control over the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe, the 14-time World Champion might be facing a battle that he simply cannot win.

    Will Cena be able to dull the “scorpion’s tail” that is Wyatt’s tongue on Raw, or will the backwoods preacher stride to WWE Payback with “the whole world in his hands”? Tune in this Monday at 8/7 CT on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to WWE Network for Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 p.m. andBackstage Pass immediately following the show!

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  2. man I think that fox need to stop her moment case if I was her I stop be fore it be a problem
    but the one with the shield I hope that stay as one case they are the one of the best wrestling group in wwe today
  3. I am actually interested to see where this thing with Alicia Fox will go. I guess I'm actually hoping for a full-on feud, rather than it just being over after Payback if she has a title match with Paige.
  4. I guess I should start taking Payback and the build up to it for what it is; I wasn't huge on it last year but idk now I guess I'll at least try to build anticipation for it haha.

    She should have a match, I assume it will be announced on RAW tomorrow. As for the feud itself, I only wish it to go on a little bit further if AJ Lee does not come back as early as after Payback or perhaps it will turn into a triple threat if AJ comes back sooner (which I think is still plausible) although I would much rather have AJ feud with Paige alone without a third wheel.
  5. I agree with you there.
    Apparently, AJ and Punk are supposed to be getting married next month, so I'd imagine she'd probably come back maybe towards the end of June or something.

    I too would like to see an actual, long-term feud between Paige and AJ. I reckon the two of them could really put on some quality matches, and if Paige can brush up her promo skills, if they're given the time, anything outside the ring would also be great!
  6. You know it's going to be an awful episode of RAW when 2 of the 5 angles are Divas.
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  7. Knoxville! :yay: I'm not going! :yay:

    But happy to see the women getting a nice spotlight. WWE is trying something new as they should be right now. This is the perfect episode for Mustafar Reginald's amazing "Everyone sings all the written dialogue for no good reason" Raw idea.
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  8. I read something about rumors of a "big star" returning tonight... I don't know how much legitimacy the source has but just wanted to put that out there. It's probably referring to Flair who recently took physical for in ring work.
  9. About Flair: yeah, that's exactly what I heard.

    However, The Rock is on WWE.com for the most "Patriotic" moments due to Memorial Day, so maybe he, or someone on that level could just appear for a promo.
  10. They also just announced a contract signing between The Shield and Evolution... I'm thinking that makes a Flair appearance more feasible.
  11. Another dead LD. Yippee
  12. Who will be here? I may be able to make it to the thread.
  13. Do I need to make this live now?
  14. Yerp
  15. I'll be here muddafuggas
  16. Show doesn't start for 45 mins... and if people would stop Skyping and use this the LD would be nicely populated.

    But whatever... I'll be here.
  17. Haha 26th is the date not 27th :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Nice Date Botch @Solidus bahaha just messin.
  18. If I watch the show I guess I'll be here.
  19. damnit, UK timezone.
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  20. I wouldn't say Skype is the main reason the LDs haven't been at full force in the past few weeks. It's moreso the fact that the product has been lacking since Extreme Rules. Plus, it's a pain to sit through about 40 minutes of ads. I'll probably be in and out through the night.
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