RAW MITB - How do you want it cashed in?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Come up with some creative ideas. Miz's so far is pretty much the cleanest victory and that was up against a beaten up Orton. So who do you want to win the RAW MITB and how do you want it cashed in?
  2. RVD style but have the guy lose setting up a Jeff Hardy style slow burn run. I want a big sympathetic babyface run.
  3. Well, a few ideas are a cash in that's not a surprise (RVD style) or maybe even a failed cash in. Who I want to win it? I don't know, maybe Ziggler.
  4. I seriously think a failed cash in will either work wanders or really really hurt someone's character. It's a risk.
  5. well i think it should be cashed in on santino and like crayo said make it a failed cash in to boost santinos legacy
  6. On one hand I want to see some failed cash ins. On the other I want Ziggler to win and get the belt by any mean's necessary.

    If anyone but Ziggler wins I would want to see a failed cash in- because it's long overdue.

    If Ziggler wins I'd want him to open Raw the next night calling out Punk, say something along the lines of "Listen. I could go the typical cowardly heel route and wait for someone to lay out CM Punk and come in and win my first WWE Championship, but that's not my gimmick. I'm DZ, the best damn wrestler in this company, the show off, and I'm too damn good to do that. So CM Punk, get your ass out here, I'm cashing in my contract, and I'm taking your belt."

    Punk comes out in jeans like wtf I wasn't expecting this. Ziggler wins a classic 20+ minute match, but Punk has the 'oh I wasn't ready' excuse so they feud for a couple of months and put on a couple more classic matches at the next two PPVs. Ziggler is a made man, and I'm a happy mark. There is a negative % chance this happens though.
  7. It should be done with the correct booking. I just mentioned it because it would be something different, but maybe a face looking for the world title loses during the cash in, is considered an underdog and later wins the world title cleanly in a normal match is a possibility that could work.
  8. Then again isn't that the problem, little risks have been taken recently? Think about giving Austin the belt after he broke his neck, it was a risk but it worked so well.
  9. Never, ever, happening :emoji_slight_frown:. I wish it did though.

    Could have plenty of creative successful cash ins though that actually surprise you.
  10. One thing I wouldn't mind would be the briefcase winner getting a title match against a friend or tag team partner losing, beating the partner down then cashing in. Kind of like how Roode / Storm started. It could make a mega heel imo.
  11. Well, considering that I tend to forget about obvious things (like cash ins when the champ is hurt) and only remembers when something obvious happens (like the crowd chanting Mr. MITB's name), I'm surprised by most cash ins. But suggest a few different ones Crayo, none come to my mind.
  12. tag team partner? In WWE? bit of an oxymoron
  13. I was going to post that Seabs -.-.

    If you plan in advance there's plenty of opportunities. You could have the MITB match interrupted somehow, the winner is a random member of the crowd (who takes it), gets given a contract and then Ace or Vince gets the briefcase meaning they can effectively choose the next champion of their choice, creating a corporate heel stable. They give it to Dolph, he cashes in.
  14. It's a good idea. Dolph as champion :gusta:
  15. When the champion is making out with his wife/girlfriend bump in between them and say, "HEY I'M COMING FOR YOU NIGGUH" and push him out of the way, kiss his wife/girlfriend, then run to the ring. Then cash it in and have a very angry, but sloppy opponent. Win the match barley and become the new champion then have a feud with those people.
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  16. I would love for the champion to be cutting a normal boring promo in the ring, as if everything is happening normally, then the mitb winner comes out of the crowd with a ref and attacks them, winning the title.
  17. Heel Alex Riley cashes in on Santino, im feeling a lot of for A-Ry atm, please push him Vince, i beg of you!
  18. Heel Riley would be so awesome with MITB. Part of having the case is the promos boasting about how you can be champion whenever you want. Imagine Riley :gusta:
  19. Riley is a great worker, he should be pushed as soon as possible. Making him job to Mahal is an atrocity.
  20. Riley is great on the mic and has a marketable look but needs a bit more work imo, you need a polished guy to carry the case.
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