RAW MITB situation discussion.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. I can see many people being angry that it's former WWE champions only, but you need to understand, without a drawing champion you need a drawing match. Cena is their draw, MITB is the gimmick PPV, put them together and you have buys. It's likely Cena is winning however and then feuding with Punk -.-.

    But yeah, discuss that stuff here.
  2. It's obviously a way to set up Cena vs Punk at Summerslam. But lets ignore that.

    1. A 4-Man Money in the Bank match... really?

    2. Big Show and John Cena really seem like talent vacuums right now. Cena's never been worse, and Show is hopeless. Kane needs someone to carry him... Unless Jericho takes enough bumps to paralyse himself, there's no way this can be any good.

    3. It's a waste of MITB, the only way they can create new stars. It wouldn't be that hard to rebuild Kane or Show, Cena may as well already be champion, and Jericho's a legend that's leaving.

    And I'm not just mad about Ziggler, he'll be in the WHC one.
  3. Rainman sick gif, from the superstars people refused to watch. We are the 87%.

    Crayo im going to win so many bets this ppv, you might as well not even hold them. Heel power.
  4. Awful booking. Will be the worst MiTB match ever. Just dumb.
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  5. MITB is one of the rare opportunities where any superstar can be pushed and it is kind of sad that they're probably going to give it to Cena.

    I wonder how many people will be in this match? How many former champions are even on the roster at the moment?
  6. I saw this matchup before. It was going down the toilet after I ate a burrito. That's all this match is. pure shit. Jericho deserves better then to be in this garbage.
  7. Jericho is going to make it worth seeing. Kane getting old and slow (big deal there will be whether he gets to chokeslam show or the other way around) while Y2J makes cena look good until he can put giant douche on his shoulders and AA away. Jericho FTL but match maker, and someone stop booking Kane in every big match, get him back to beating Ryder on the preshow.
  8. Have they confirmed it's only 4 stars then?
  9. Seems horrible.
  10. I watched RAW and just cringed so much as this started to come to fruition crapness personified.
  11. Hopefully Chris Jericho can produce an interesting match with himself and a few ladders, I don't know how but he'll manage.
  12. It'll be the exact opposite of what a MITB match normally is. Instead of a star-making fast-paced exciting match, it'll have main eventers who will work a relatively slow match which will be boring. Very weird that it only has four people on it. Plus, we already know the result.
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