RAW November 16th, 2015 [Live Discussion]

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 13, 2015.

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    United States:
    LIVE, Monday Night, November 16, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, November 17, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Bon Secours Wellness Arena
    Greenville, SC

    Raw Five-Point Preview: Nov. 16, 2015
    There are returns, and there are returns. The second coming of The Brothers of Destruction at the end of last week’s Raw was the latter. As The Undertaker & Kane’s unholy war against The Wyatt Family reaches its crescendo, the tournament for Seth Rollins’ vacated WWE World Heavyweight Championship has taken a tour into four must-see matches. What awaits the WWE Universe as the road to Survivor Series rounds its final bend? WWE.com previews Monday’s Raw.

    1. Cesaro and the Romans
    In perhaps the biggest wild card of all the quarterfinal tournament matches taking place Monday, Roman Reigns faces Cesaro in a match that may well leave a crater in the Earth when all is said and done. A battle of grassroots support — expect the Cesaro Section to get rowdy for their boy — and what could very well be manifest destiny, the match already has both Superstars, and the WWE Universe, on the edge of their seats. Will fan favorite Cesaro uppercut his way to the semis? Or is the Roman Empire simply too powerful to overthrow?

    2. Let's get nuts
    In an odd twist of fate, Tyler Breeze missed the opportunity to face off with his rival Dolph Ziggler in the semifinals after falling to Dean Ambrose in the round of 16. Now, The Lunatic Fringe has The Showoff in Round 2, and both Superstars are banged up. Ambrose is sporting a sore shoulder; Ziggler’s swiveling around on a wonky leg. It’ll take an especially gritty effort for either man to make it through, and even then, there’s no telling what shape they’ll be in come the semifinals. And that’s if a jilted Breeze doesn’t decide to get involved …

    3. Little Big Guy
    The biggest upset of the tournament yet occurred when Kalisto surprised Ryback on SmackDown to advance to the quarterfinals, where Alberto Del Rio is lying in wait. Given that some of Del Rio’s most timeless confrontations came against Rey Mysterio, it’s safe to say that Kalisto, whose style resembles The Ultimate Underdog, will give the U.S. Champion a terrific fight. But can The King of Flight clear this obstacle to stick his landing in the semis?

    4. Fight or flight
    Fans of NXT should be salivating over this one: The last quarterfinal contest pits two former NXT Champions against each other when Neville (who bested King Barrett) and Kevin Owens (who beat Titus O’Neil) butt heads in a match that has occurred only a handful of times. These two NXT alumni make magic whenever they set foot in the ring, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll be satisfied with simply having a great match. Who will advance to the semis is anyone’s guess, but at least we know that, win or lose, KO’s post-match interview will be on point.

    5. Hell on earth
    “Survivor Series” may end up becoming a very literal name when all is said and done. After The Brothers of Destruction were regurgitated from Hell or wherever Bray Wyatt sent them to, the storied Superstars accepted The Eater of Worlds’ challenge for the fall classic: Two of them against two of his. The Deadman and The Devil’s Favorite Demon's opponents have yet to be selected from Wyatt's flock, but expect the battle lines to become clearer come Monday at 8/7 C, live on USA Network. Then rest in peace … until Survivor Series, of course.​

  2. "Cesaro and the Romans" :dawg:
  3. 2 images work. All others are broken.

    Going to watch for the sake of the tournament.
  4. All images work fine for me, m8.
  5. Why would they make Wyatt a 2-2 match instead of a classic survivor series match and adding others to the mix
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  6. Because they are lame, that's why. Expect the unexpected at SS, though. Wyatts are gonna... LOSE.
  7. @Jacob Fox and I are getting married tonight and that's why we'll miss out on the LD!
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  8. He likes to brag. :emoji_slight_smile: It actually looks like it might have the potential to be a good Raw but they haven't put on a RAW yet that that's good enough to make me miss my wedding night :ohyeah:
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  9. I totally agree. We'll watch RAW on Tuesday anyway and then we won't regret missing our wedding night... Or we will. :emoji_wink:
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  10. Isn't he the cutest when he's implying things? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Oh and I suppose I should add something to make it seem like we are not too far off topic:

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  11. Yeah, we'll definitely be WRESTLING on our wedding night.
  12. Tournament matches rule on paper. Please don't suck, Raw.

    I'll be in the stands hoping to catch the bouquet, hoping that @GZR Seb and I will be next in line to get married. :please:
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  13. What's the plans, am I moving in with you? I don't want you to melt down here.
  14. Aww, sweet of ya! Was hoping to brave the elements, but amorphic shadowy beings don't need to worry about that after all. I'm in if you are :ksi:
  15. You'd rather me dismember you and put you in the freezer, only to see the light of day 2-3 months of the year!? I think it'd be easier on both of us not to do that, I wouldn't be able to feel anything but your icy, yet warming touch anyways.:adr:
  16. now it works
  17. it's all a work
  18. Raw in Greenville tonight? We shall keep in mind that Greenville was host to the most unpredictable WWE moment in recent memory
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