RAW November 18th,2013 Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Nov 18, 2013.

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, Nov. 18, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, Nov 19, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Bridgestone Arena

    RAW Five-Point Preview:

    1.RAW goes "country"
    2.The Authority returns from vacation
    3.Will Kane unleash the monster within?
    4.You decide the "WWE2K14" simulation
    5.Closing in on Survivor Series[​IMG]
    Edit: No idea why it came out like this,I did it like I normally do.
  2. Trip you gonna be here?
  3. Lol @ the Five-Point Preview. "Country! Authority! Video Games! Oh, and there's also wrestlers and a PPV on Sunday too"
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  4. Come to think of it, don't big things surprisingly happen on shows like this? Seems like a lot of gimmick Raws give us the best moments.
    Raw 1000 being more than just your typical big Raw but it ended with the CM Punk heel turn.
    3 hours of a really, really bad Viewers' Choice Raw ended in the Nexus debut.
    Raw Roulette in 2011 ended with the Pipebomb, Raw Roulette this year had CM Punk shaming the Rock in a promo segment.

    Does anyone know what "special Raw's" we had recently and how often they've been successes?
  5. You mean for the LD thread? Maybe, but I'd be late if I did. Usually wait until the wife passes out before I start watching. But country? Really?
  6. The Hoff doesn't see anything memorable or special coming from this Country edition of Raw. Lemme guess, 3MB will come out with some country gimmick, they'll get squashed. JBL will get a pop, Santino, Khali and Hornswoggle will all wear cowboy hats. And the faces will suck up to the south. Boy oh boy. Trips better net let The Hoff down, and he better damn well bury the entire south, and all the Hicks that live within.. :finger:
  7. You've got a point there. It usually happens, let's hope so. I could use an interesting thing to bump my interest in that PPV I think is happening on Sunday.
  8. Hope the PTP show up tonight, where the fuck have they been? Tell me Vinnie MAC you soulless bastard! They deserve a spot, and a shot at the tag team gold. :hogan: Hoganception
  9. We had "Old School RAW" on the RTWM, which was pretty good. Taker returned in a solid show.
  10. Isn't this on at 12 in the UK?
  11. Ohhhhhh mannn, The Hoff hopes Taker returns tonight, with a new gimmick. Screw the biker gimmick, have a cowboy gimmick. Yeeeeehaw. His finisher can be called, "The Last Ride Ya'll". Taker comes out to some Garth Brooks music or some shit like that, square dancin' down the ramp. Oh c'monnnn that is sooo soooo stupid Hoff. You claim everyone here is a stupid STUPID hick, when you yourself are one. Look in a mirror brother. Brother? That's MY line, The Hoff's line. You just don't know when to quit do you? :bully:
  12. Making the thread live now cause I'm too damn lazy to do it on time.
  13. Awwwww shit, it's goin' down. What's The Hoff talking about? Even I haven't the slightest clue. Now shut it Hoff
  14. I will get to 20,000 posts tonight. Wow
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  15. Awwwww shit, it's goin' down. What's The Hoff talking about? Even I haven't
    Hoff's calling it now. You will get to 20,096 posts before you log off for the night, and lay your head to rest, sweet child.
  16. Maybe, depending on how good the show is. If it stinks i'll put on MNF
  17. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOTBALLL. American footbal. The way to go when it comes to football. The only way to go
  18. Great stuff dude,hope I can get 4k tonight.
  19. Are you american? lol?
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