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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Nov 24, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, November 24th, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, November 25th, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Bankers Life Fieldhouse
    Indianapolis, IN

    RAW Five-Point Review:
    With the passing of one pay-per-view, the future of WWE has been completely transformed, as The Authority has been ousted from power by Team Cena and Sting has emerged in WWE! Now, in the wake of one of the greatest Survivor Series main events ever, a new day begins. What will the future hold? Will special guest Larry the Cable Guy have anything to say about it? WWE.com looks to put the future in focus.

    1.Will anticipation Sting?:
    In the WWE Universe, the only certainty is that anything can and will happen. But until last night’s Survivor Series, there seemed to be a glowing exception to that rule, namely that Sting would never step into a WWE ring. Well, that constant has come to a crashing halt.

    The iconic competitor rocked the 28th annual edition of the pay-per-view by emerging to neutralize Triple H and influence the outcome of one of the most important matches in history, Team Cena vs. Team Authority.
    Now the question becomes … what happens now? Is Sting planning to come to WWE’s flagship show tonight? If so, what statement – physical or otherwise – will be he looking to make? You do not want to miss this!

    2.A world without Authority:
    No matter what the controversy may have been surrounding the outcome of the main event of Survivor Series, one thing is clear: The Authority is no longer in power. After losing to Team Cena, the future of WWE has changed forever … or until John Cena decides to bring them back ... and there is “no chance in Hell” of that happening.

    So, have the inmates truly taken over the asylum? Logic would suggest that The Authority would already have someone waiting in the wings to avenge them. Even if that is true, though, who is worthy of wielding the power of controlling WWE?

    What of the members of Team Authority? Are they now facing the new challenge of a level playing field? Will Superstars like sole survivor Dolph Ziggler – who were punished week in and week out – be looking for retribution?

    3.Chaos and a little TLC:
    Just in case you thought the match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt at Survivor Series would settle things between them, we are afraid that particular assumption has been tabled … and laddered … and chaired.
    The Lunatic Fringe didn’t seem to be the slightest bit bothered when he got himself disqualified for attacking his ominous opponent with a chair on Sunday night. Then, in his course of subsequently slaughtering The Eater of Worlds, the unstable Superstar managed to bury his adversary in a sea of tables and chairs, before standing at the top of a ladder to survey the carnage.

    As a result, the WWE Network fans learned that Ambrose will battle Wyatt in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match at the upcoming December pay-per-view of the same name! Not only are we looking forward to that showdown, but also to the ultra-intense mind games that will certainly precede it.

    4.Who is in for a big problem?:
    While Sting’s emergence was definitely the most shocking moment of the night, it would be tough to find a “bigger” surprise than the moment Big Show knocked out his team captain John Cena, shook hands with Triple H and walked out on his team.

    Although Dolph Ziggler ultimately won the war for Team Cena, The World’s Largest Athlete remains a team onto himself. Whether he chooses to offer a full explanation for his actions or just go on a rampage, it’s a safe assumption that anyone who steps in his path is bound to get knocked out.

    Folks, Larry the Cable Guy will be a guest star tonight. While he is extremely funny, we strongly recommend that he not try to find Big Show’s funny side at this particular time.

    5.Will Nikki play nice?:
    At Survivor Series, Nikki Bella captured the Divas Championship, thanks to the kiss heard ‘round the world between Brie Bella and AJ Lee. But, even as she prepares to carry the butterfly-emblazoned title back to Raw tonight, the real question is what will happen between her and her sister Brie?​
    It’s worth noting that after she helped Nikki win the Divas’ ultimate prize, Brie was noticeably happy for her sister. Considering that tonight marks the final day that Brie must serve as her sibling’s personal assistant, will the championship triumph mean Nikki will take it easy on her twin? Or will the final humiliation simply be that much sweeter with the title around her waist?​
  2. Totally interested to see where the hell they decide to go from here!
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  3. I'd nearly forgotten, Big Show hates being fired.
    I'd rather he perform fellatio on Triple H backstage than rush out and shed a few tears for the locals.
    Him leaving HHH's dressing room and wiping 'something' from his lip with a smile on his face will suffice.

    Turning on Cena was the only way to make sure his job was safe. After all, if Big Show really was fired there's no way he'd brought back.
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  4. So Santino has to be coming back tonight right? I mean Larry the Cable Guy plugging 'Jingle All The Way 2' Co-starring Santino just calls for it.
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  5. I'm actually extremely pumped for this RAW, more than I have been for a couple of months actually.

    After all, the prospect of Sting making his RAW debut after the PPV, Ziggler push, The Authority storyline giving us a major swerve, MIZDOW, and Nikki looks really hot (after all, surely we won't get WWE actually booking the Divas strongly?).
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  6. This episode of RAW should be awesome and kick some fuckin' ass, which it hasn't been seen in like forever!
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  7. this will be A Awesome show
  8. It's showtime, yo!
  9. Waiting for post-Survivor Series RAW like
  10. @Dolph'sZiggler you gonna make the LD tonight to see your dude steal the show?
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  11. That's all it took WWE. One properly good match and I'm now looking forward to a Raw and posting on here about it.

    As a guy who watched him in in TNA but never got a chance to enjoy him in his prime, I'm pretty indifferent about Sting's appearance. Although I did think WWE handled it very well and to be honest when the crowd are actually invested in something it makes it a hell of a lot more interesting to watch - even if I don't particularly care for the wrestler involved.

    Oh, and Dolph Ziggler is FINALLY getting pushed. If they book this successfully then I think I can forgive them leaving this about three years too late.
  12. Let's hope not.

    On a side note tonight should be great, Sharpy deleted all his sexy pronz in exchange for mizdow highlights.
  13. :razer: Hey yo.
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  15. not home but i will Ashley watch it later for once
  16. who are you
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  17. Anyone have a RAW stream for me?
  18. Evening folks!
  19. Why they start the show here
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