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  1. [/font]:finger:
    I was appalled at the show. Vickkie Guerrero continues to say that John Cena and AJ Lee are "having an affair". I feel as if this is the worse storyline in the history of WWE. I feel that the reason that they are using this storyline is because in John Cena's divorce people involved saying that he was "having an affair". It is a horrible thing to use in a storyline. Vickkie Guerrero should be fired for "misuse" of power and never seen again.
    Please give me your thought on this situation. I am very open to thoughts on wrestling anyways.
  2. I agree. Vickie keeps running her mouth also. @[Stopspot] didn't she try to make AJ lose by starting a rematch? Welcome by the way. :otunga:
  3. This storyline certainly isn't the best WWE has pushed out in a while and many on here have been drawing comparisons to TNA's recently finished Claire Lynche storyline. Which many on here can easily say was the worst storyline of this year. I wouldn't blame that on Vickie though. Vickie Guerrero is a heat magnet that should be used to get new heals over with the crowd because she knows how to easily get a negative crowd reaction going. Vickie as a heel general manager can work really well as long as she is not over used like they had AJ be (granted AJ was a babyface but GM's should never be over exposed or major parts of the show).

    I also like to think that this storyline is because of Cena's supposed affair with Kelly Kelly during the start of his divorce which also was supposed to be one of the reasons of Kelly leaving the WWE and Vince wants to punish him.

    But yeah stop giving this storyline major focus. It won't lead anywhere well but I think AJ's character could use some humbling after her retarded run as general manager.

    In short: Don't fire Vickie she can be great if used well. Get rid of this storyline though since it is hands up ass retarded and rustles people's jimmies.
  4. I'm actually enjoying the 'drama' of this angle at the moment. I don't know why, I shouldn't be, maybe it's because it's leading to a Cena/Ziggler feud and the fact that they're showing Cena as a flawed human being (looks like he really was caught cheating, and it took him a few moments to come up with an excuse) but I don't mind it. I also don't mind Vickie at the moment but I hope she doesn't stay long as GM.
  5. It has potential to lead to bigger and better things, so I'm not a hater quite yet. But so far it just makes Cena look irrelevant (not too bad a thing) and is taking way too much TV time, it's just not entertaining, but I'm optimistic.
  6. @[Stopspot] What do you think about AJ Cena?
  7. @[JohnCenaFan] As Crayo said this has potential to lead to bigger things and as Kevin said it makes Cena look flawed. But it takes up way to much time from in ring competition and puts Cena in the center of the show when the main event should be focused on the title. It also pushes AJ, who is a talented girl I'll give her that in to the spotlight even more even when she has already been too over exposed with this stupid GM role she just had and her psycho gimmick which started off entertaining but then went hands up butt retarded when she became over exposed.

    It can become good but I am not holding out for it to be.
  8. Oh, okay.
  9. Make no mistake I like AJ. It is just that Vince seems dead set on whipping the proverbial horse into the ground. I am not trying to sound mean with things I am saying but rather I am trying to be honest. April Mendez (AJ's real name) is an extremely talented and skilled young girl who deserves her time on TV and to be a part of WWE but she also needs to tone down her character and tweak it a bit.
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