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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, October 5th, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, October 6th, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    TD Garden
    Boston, MA

    Raw Five-Point Preview:
    It’s official: In three weeks, live on WWE Network, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt will settle the score inside Hell in a Cell, a formidable battleground that will also play host to a cataclysmic encounter between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. As these sure-to-be gruesome bouts approach, what awaits on Monday’s Raw surely won’t be for the faint of heart.

    1.Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide?:
    After Roman Reigns boldly threw down the challenge to Bray Wyatt on SmackDown, WWE.com confirmed that The Big Dog will indeed face The Eater of Worlds inside Hell in a Cell on Oct. 25, live on WWE Network.

    With the structure separating these bitter rivals from their allies — Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton on Reigns’ side, and Luke Harper and the imposing Braun Strowman on Wyatt’s — the WWE Universe can expect this turf war to boil down to a flesh-rending one-on-one brawl inside the unforgiving steel. How are Reigns and Wyatt preparing for their career-threatening, and perhaps final, showdown?

    2.Giant slayer:
    In an intense Madison Square Garden bout on WWE Network this weekend, Brock Lesnar triumphed over a game Big Show, shaking The World’s Most Famous Arena to its very foundation. Now that he has conquered the giant, The Beast Incarnate prepares to do battle with The Undertaker inside WWE’s most callous structure, Hell in a Cell … and he’s reportedly bringing his Go to Hell Tour to Boston for Raw.

    Will Lesnar follow up his impressive victory over The World’s Largest Athlete with another impactful message for The Deadman?

    3.The Devil’s Favorite WWE World Heavyweight Champion?:
    It’s becoming more and more difficult to discern what’s truly going through Kane’s mind these days, and his dichotomous behavior has no doubt kept WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins awake at night since Demon Kane’s re-emergence at Night of Champions.

    But speaking of champions, The Devil’s Favorite Demon — a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion in his own right — has displayed a great deal of interest in The Architect’s title over the past week. Will Rollins’ reign soon meet a fiery end?

    4.Dudleyville denied!:
    Right in their own backyard, The Dudley Boyz were yet again denied the WWE Tag Team Championships when The New Day escaped with a disqualification victory at Madison Square Garden Saturday night, live on WWE Network. The table-smashing tandem’s momentum in the contest was cut short after Xavier Woods interfered in the contest, breaking up a Dudley Boyz pin attempt following a devastating 3D that would have likely won Bubba and D-Von the championships. The “brothers” were able to exact a slight measure of revenge, however, when they once again smashed Woods through a table after the match.

    How will The Dudley Boyz respond now that they have been denied the titles not once, but twice?

    5.B.A.D. blood:
    Paige's streak of stealing the spotlight ceased at Madison Square Garden on Saturday when Charlotte and Becky Lynch turned the tables on her by abandoning her during their match against Team Bella. However, while that situation continues to develop, the members of Team B.A.D. are stealthily positioning themselves as a serious threat to Charlotte’s Divas Championship reign. In SmackDown’s Six-Diva Tag Team Match, Team B.A.D. defeated Team Bella when Sasha Banks made Nikki Bella — the longest-reigning Divas Champion of all time — tap out to the Bank Statement.

    As the Divas division continues to implode, will Team B.A.D. continue to capitalize on the chaos this week?​
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  5. I do think that Raw will be good tonight
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  6. Optimism gets you nowhere with this shitty company, bruh. Been there, done that.
  7. Hoping Heyman kicks off the show
  8. You will soon know
  9. Seems unlikely now
  10. Not feeling this feud.
  11. Kane got a boo boo :boohoo:
  12. His mom put a band-aid on it & kissed it in the ambulance
  13. This theme is pretty cringeworthy.
  14. Oh, I thought Mr. Miagi fixed it
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