RAW + Payback

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Aaron, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. The wife and I are watching a six hour Payback followed by RAW WWE-athon, I hear I may be in for a good evening (wwe, not with the wife) don't spoil it but both good shows?
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  2. Both were fantastic. Payback imo was WWE's best PPV since MITB 2011 (most people disagree but their hatred for Ryback has blinded them), and Raw was unanimously considered a 9/10 or better.
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  3. Yes. Payback was not bad but Raw was amazing.
  4. Oh good stuff! Looking forward to it :emoji_slight_smile:.
  5. People don't hate Ryback. He just sucks
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  6. In his current role. I blame WWE completely. The heel turn was forced and complete filler for Cena. The crowd wanted to cheer him as the anti-hero he can play so well.
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