RAW possibly going back to 2 hours

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 28, 2012.

  2. Definitely a good choice. They should have known from the start not many Americans have the attention span to last all three hours, especially with all those commercial breaks. I definitely don't.
  3. Thank GOD! I enjoy wrestling, but 3 hours of it is too much... Unless its Wrestle Mania or a PPV. Raw for three hours... Not liking it.
  4. I actually have nothing better to do on monday nights and enjoy 3 hours. Oh well
  5. Good choice.
  6. That's better I prefer two hours of Raw
  7. About damn time. I hope it's happening soon..
  8. Just read a report that it was a printing error in the comcast guide :sad: No going back
  9. -.-

    Hope I made you all mad.
  10. I knew it I told you all this 3 hours wouldnt last what a fail
  11. it kind of ruins ppvs aswell because they feel like another episode of raw
  12. What about samckdown! ? I mean if raw goes back to 2 hours then smackdown will go back to 1 hour....
  13. Smackdown has always been 2 hours. And RAW isn't going back to two hours. It was a printing error in the comcast guide.
  14. It's not going back to 2 hours :emoji_slight_frown:
  15. It sort of sucks when you have three hours of show but only about 90 mins of actual relevancy because you have 45 mins of commercials and 45 mins of a combination of filler matches that lead to nowhere and recapping stuff that happened earlier that night.

    It honestly seems like the extra hour that could be spent on developing younger stars or focusing on other story lines is being wasted on more airtime for Cena and Punk and other guys who were already getting tons of TV time.

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  16. 90 minutes of relevance might be a bit of an exaggeration which is quite sad :emoji_slight_frown:.
  17. 3 hours is just stupid, and the problem is that many people blame Punk's reign as champion for the drop in ratings without realizing it it the 3 hours formula that is destroying the ratings....
  18. The ratings were mediocre already before the extra hour. They just made it worse, it is proven though that Punk's reign over all didn't draw as good as a standard Cena reign.
  19. I'd prefer Punk to be champion till the end of days with his amazingly entertaining promos, than seeing Superman with the title for the 4537543275th time.....
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