Raw Post WM or this week RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roi, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Title says it all.
  2. This weeks.
  3. I mean, no Ryback! :yay: :yes:
  4. So difficult. This RAW was far better in terms of content and booking, but the crowd was simply exceptional. They made every single match interesting.

    Tough. But because of the booking this week, I'll go with this week.
  5. They cheered Cena more than they cheered Brock, so hell no. lol
    seriously though, both crowds were great but I'd go with the Post WM crowd.
  6. Personally, I found the RAW after wrestlemania to be shitty for the most part. It was the same old filler booked RAW, this time around however it had a good crowd and a Ziggler cash in. Other than that, no substance whatsoever.

    This RAW was good throughout, and it even had a somewhat decent crowd too. Very enjoyable.
  7. Post mania was great for the feel of the show and the crowd.

    This week was great due to the quality of the show. Everything fell into place and gelled together.

    This week wins, I'm a sucker for quality.
  8. Clearly this week's show. No Ryback, no HHH in a match for the next ppv,...
  9. They were both amazing, post WM Raw was awsome with DZ cash-in, but 06/17 Raw was better, everything was very entertaining, laughed my ass (no PG for me) off when Mark Henry announced his 'retirement' and hit Cena with a WSS:yes:
  10. Post Wrestlemania. Ziggler cashing in. Ryback turning heel. Barrett regaining his title a day later. Dean Ambrose letting me smack his ass as he walked back through the crowd
  11. This week Raw for logical booking, and everything was enjoyable. It didn't feel like a filler at any point of the show :true:
  12. Post WM Raw had a better crowd and a more exciting feel I think, but this weeks RAW everything just seemed to click. I'm going with this weeks.
  13. Ziggler cashing in >> anything that happened this week
    That crowd >> anything from this week.

    The great booking for the majority of the show makes it close, but the post-WM Raw still edges it out for me.
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