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  1. Tonight’s WWE RAW 'Supershow' takes place from Philadelphia, PA at the Wells Fargo Center.

    WWE is hyping fallout from TLC as well as an appearance from Kane, who returned last week. Don't expect it too be anything much, I presume just another interference in Cena's match.

    The locally advertised dark main event will see John Cena vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk.
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  2. RE: RAW Preview

    We can use this as the discussion thread :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I expect an appearance from Kane, looking forward to that. Miz cutting a promo about last night, Big Slow coming out doing the same. Orton in a random match. Quite excited to see what they do about Cena.
  3. I actually have a link for tonight's show: http://www.ilemi.me/37899/1/Watch-WWE-Monday-Night-Raw/
    It should work when RAW goes live.
  4. Big question, Kane or no Kane tonight?
  5. Answered. Kane appeared, stared down with Henry. Turned his attention to Cena, Cena threw him out of ring, Kane landed on his feet and took out Cena. Smothered him, took his Cena shirt off by ripping it and walked off. Confused why he took the shirt off. He took it with him, perhaps this is the seed for the Cena heel turn? Very intriguing.
  6. I need to find a screen cap of Punk Ryder and Bryan posing with the belts serious mark out moment.
  7. They'll be plenty in about 5 minutes lmao. So many people are going to love that image, including myself. I'd sig that if I had room.

    I like how they're using Bryan for RAW ME, and Ryder. Instantly the US title becomes relevant again, and they're acknowledging change in the WWE with Punks early promo (don't know if you saw it). Best RAW in a long time for me.
  8. The worked shoot? Yeah I saw it. The US title has needed to go on someone who is over for a while. I mean I find ziggler to be an amazing talent but without Vickie he doesn't really draw much heat yet. People need to care about the holder to care about the belt. I actually hope they can do a Del Rio Ryder feud soon as a main eventer dropping down to the midcard can do wonders for the belt such as Jericho Mysterio in 2009.
  9. No didn't mean the worked shoot, meant tonight. Punk acknowledging Bryan as Champion is an honour etc. Also mentioned how Ryder was basically at the bottom, and earned his way to the top (well US Champ).

    I agree, Del Rio to drop down to give Ryder legitimate feud. Boosts US championship. Ziggler steps up, leaves Vickie (or have it so she concentrates more on Swagger) so he can get his own heat. Give him some more promo time. Bam, nice main event scene with Miz, Punk, and Ziggler. Don't see Del Rio stepping down, hoping Miz doesn't and think he won't because of his media pull.
  10. No I missed the first hour or so. Only got in about 10 to 3 lol. I'll have to watch it tomorrow.
  11. Damn apologies if I spoiled shit tonight :O. Quite late for a Monday Night lmao :emoji_wink:
  12. It seemed like a good idea at the time :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: lol. You haven't really spoiled anything I still don't know what happened in the first hour lol.
  13. Okay good lol and haha who and what did you do at this time on Monday? Haha.
  14. Some girl at my college decided to throw a house party for christmas. It would have been rude not to show up obviously :emoji_wink:.
  15. Lmao who throws a house party exactly a week away from xmas on a Monday night? You're right though, I wouldn't turn it down haha :emoji_slight_smile:.
  16. I have no idea most people at college were there lol. We only started the christmas break on the 16th.
  17. Lmao fair enough, I'll let you off :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:! Right, heading to bed. Congrats on your 50 post award btw :O.
  18. =L thanks man.
  19. The Kane - John Cena thing sucked. You could see that Cena had his shirt cut at the top so Kane could rip it open easily later.
  20. True, I noticed that. But I wreckon those t shirts are pretty hard to rip open, and no one would want to see Kane botch on his 2nd sighting since mask returning. I generally thought the segment was good, I think Cena should of sold it a bit more at the end though. Kane has sent us a message, but why would he steal Cena's shirt?