RAW Rating 10/07

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 10, 2012.

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    Someone guessed this correctly IIRC.
  2. thats 300,000 viewers drop from last week.

    I still think we need a weekly ratings thread that update with each weeks ratings!
  3. I was the one who predicted it correctly. :jericho:
  4. There was a RAW on July 10th? :haha:
  5. No. There was Bob Backlund on July 10th. :gusta:

    And I got the ratings right. I'd ask for the Ninja Award, but since I already have it, it's OK.
  6. Quite sickening that this product is getting triple the ratings of TNA but TNA's current product is SO much better.
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  7. Same ratings, despite a powerhouse sporting event in the Home Run Derby?
    (got almost 7 million)

  8. LOL Raw failed, kind of sad cuz people from the west LOVE WWE or Wrasslin' in general.
  9. 7 million people really watched that trash :dawg:
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