RAW Rating 21st May

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 22, 2012.

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    Go away Big Show.
  2. Did it increase or decrease from before?
  3. Slight increase iirc

    I think the go home show was below a 3.0
  4. Big Show was barely seen. :dawg:
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  5. The go-home show was a 2.94 or something, so it increased. Well, an average rating. Saw it coming.
  6. Still a crappy rating, but I was hoping it would drop even further. The show definitely deserves a shit rating
  7. 3.0 isn't average, it's below average. They normally gets 3.2's+

    It's not hard to increase the worst rated show for months lmao
  8. No but if anything could lower an already low rating from the week before it was that show last night. Nothing appealing about it from any aspect.
  9. I want the ratings to go down, so they'll do something to try to improve the show. 3.0 is still in Vince's comfort zone.
  10. A achievement all in itself considering his size :terry:
  11. There's no buzz.
  13. When the show goes on a downward spiral, so should the ratings.
    Good to see this, get your shit together.
  14. I expect a comeback soon with a decent story-line. Nothing atm in WWE draws me in apart from the discussion threads.
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