Raw Rating 5/14

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, May 15, 2012.

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  1. :true:
  2. I get the feeling you've been waiting for these all day lmao. And you squealed like a 9 year old girl at a Bieber concert when you saw them.
  3. Almost, Dolph's. I was going to see what the other Superstars match was (please don't) and to beat Crayo to the Smackdown spoiler thread, then saw the rating and proceeded to scream like a 9 year old at a Bieber concert.

  4. Oh god I can't wait for the break downs lmfao.

    This is great news. We're in for a good summer.
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  5. It's funny how whenever I stop watching the ratings go way down. And when I watch the ratings are up.
  6. I feel the same way haha.
  7. Predictable bad rating. And it'll keep falling until something good happens. I want to see the breakdown to know how many viewers that Big Show segment lost.
  8. Why do you car about artingz anywayzs?
  9. A ratings war is what caused the wrestling boom in the 90s homie
  10. But it's 2012 now. The age of smart phones, Internites, tabletz, etc...

    Btw, it's not like you work for WWE, TNA, ect. to care about ratingz. You are a motherfucking fan, care about a motherfucking product. For example, my favorite Indy company at the moment is Evolve Wrestling, and they are happy when/if they draw 500 people live and 1000 online live.

    Quality, not quantity.
  11. WWE tp get higher ratings than Jershey Shore.
  12. If WWE ratings continue to dip, they will have to improve their product. It's common sense homie.
  13. Figured it'd make it to the 2s. I seriously hope they do something about this and try to make it better.
  14. The highestts rateed wrestling h shows are usualy the worst oness.
  15. Yeah, the lowest the ratings will be allowed to go is 2.5. Any lower and they'll go have no choice but to make better product. Unless they want ratings in the 1s.
  16. Adding spoiler tags for @[Crayo]. You have been warned.

    Show Spoiler
  17. All segment times. Ace was in the two best segments of the night, believe me, although we love him, he's no draw.

    Bullshit. When WWE was racking in 5.0-7.0 ratings in the past, they were the best thing around.

    Dolph is right in this thread. We care because if the rating is high, the product won't change that much and as fans we can either like or dislike that. If it goes down, or has a really bad period, something normally happens.
  18. I'm with Dolph's and Crayo. When ratings go down the show tends to get better.
  19. I will put myself in Dolph's, Crayos and R'albins corner. Once the ratings get low enough they will have to improve the product.
  20. lol, I had a feeling the Big Show getting fired segment would be a draw in the breakdown.
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