Raw rating 6/26

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. Ugh. The show's been much better lately! Seeing this just made me sad.
  2. Why the hell are people not watching Raw now? God damn idiots, there hasn't been two Raws as good as this in succession since last year's RTWM IMO.
  3. I haven't been able to because of my computer... Figures. It gets better when I can't watch it! :upset:
  5. Well, they still nearly topped the overall cable listing and ranked #1 among males and in the top 5 amongst male teenagers. That's still quite good, regardless.

    Keep in mind last week was just ONE good show, you can't expect it to make people tune in in droves or anything. And no one knew this week would be another great show either. The show has been stale for several weeks (months, even) so I wouldn't expect one or two good/great shows to bump the numbers up a little higher immediately. The viewing audience at home can be strange, anyway.
  6. Shit wrong thread, They deserve a better rating that that tbh
  7. Fuck sake. Stupid casuals.

  8. :stfu:
  9. When Raw is good ratings are lower. When Raw is mediocre ratings are higher. This makes no sense tbh.
  10. Those stupid casuals who think it's too great to see Cena in the main event against Orton, I can imagine them whining and disliking the fact that DB ended the show with a win after making Orton tap out.
  11. wrestlinginc
  12. Fuck sake. ^
  13. If there's anything we learned from last year, it's that Vince's panic move when ratings get low is to put himself on TV instead of blaming and burying whatever young talent they're trying to spotlight. Daniel Bryan shouldn't be in much trouble :emoji_slight_smile: Amazing how this show bombed without Miz though.

    Sad that it seems like an almost steady decline, but the lowest-drawing segment was the one I tuned out of. We need 2 hours.
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  14. Think Punk had poor numbers at first too. Damn casuals.
  15. Fucks sake Miz.
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  16. I think it's due to Bryan vs Orton being on the last 4 shows in a row (I think), casuals don't really understand what a real feud is sadly :sad:
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